Sunday, May 26, 2013

Winter in May, NOT ok

It's seriously like winter here and that is NOT okay.  I had a dream that I was on a tropical island, swimming in the crystal clear waters.  That dream will become reality in 6 days.  Yay!!  I just bought some flippers for snorkeling.

I'm definitely having more ED stuff going on lately.  I can tell from my dreams and my thoughts.  Not sure what that's all about, but I do know that I just want to eat less and weigh a little less.  Actually, I don't even care about my weight right now, I just want a concave stomach.

I go away for a week.  I would normally be back to see Charro next Friday, but she will be off that day.  She goes away at the end of July for two weeks.  Her, annual trip to Italy.  I guess that will give me more time home at the pool, which I'm okay with.  I feel like I have more to talk to her about these days.

I would have totally taken a nap today if I was at my apartment, but I'm home with my parents and nephews, so I won't be doing that.  It's 5 PM now anyway, so it's past nap time.  I have to make a dessert later.

I think the guy I'm seeing is coming here tomorrow.  That's a big move, meeting the parents.  I don't think it means anything, actually.  Charro will love that one when I tell her though.  I have lots to talk to her about on Wednesday, hopefully she won't have a surprise WIW.  I don't think she will since we had a surprise WIF on Friday.

I guess I'll go sit with everyone.

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