Sunday, May 12, 2013

Riding that train

I had a dream that Charro and I were having a sesh in my bedroom at my house.  I was matching socks on my bed while she was standing there.  The phone rang and some guy answered and it was for Charro.  He said, "Hold on, she's right her."  She yelled back, "Tell him he needs to reach me on my cell phone."  It was her old boyfriend, with a really Italian name.  He was a funeral director in Miami and she wanted to talk to him.  I think she did end up talking to him and I got mad and sick of waiting.  I was in the middle of telling her something and I didn't get to finish.  Then she had to get on a train so I said, "I'll ride with you so we can finish talking.  Well, we were on the train but she was no where to be found.  Then my dad showed up on the train and I got nervous because I was afraid she was going to come back to try and talk to me while he was there.  My stop to get off was coming up too, so I didn't get to talk to Charro at all.  The train was more like a really long trolley too.  It had wooden bench seats.

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