Tuesday, May 14, 2013

I had quite the fiber filled dinner this evening, spinach, broccoli and beans.  I'm sure that's a great dinner for someone with colitis.  Ha, oh well.  I'm on a mission to eat "healthier," which actually translates to eating less, if I'm going to be perfectly honest.

I was going to run outside today but it was too cold.  I went to the gym and ran 3 miles (not enough) and then did the elliptical for 30 minutes.  I walked a bit too, but not really that much, maybe 3 miles.  I need to get my stomach to be concave. 

I feel like I'm wasting my night being inside, but it's cold out.  It's going to get nice on Thursday.  The sky is beautiful right now though.  Maybe I'll do some work.  Tomorrow I have a busy day so I should do some work tonight to get it done.

I wonder if Charro is going to weigh me on Friday.  I hate having to always wonder this.  It's really annoying.  I'm never going to be done with these stupid "random WIFs."

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