Saturday, May 25, 2013

Dream, Dream, Dream

I'll start with last night's dream.  I was on a "cruise" to Barbados.  I say "cruise" because it wasn't a huge cruise ship, but more like a little boat that would take you around New York City on a dinner cruise.  We got on the boat and our parents were all allowed to get on it for the dinner and sale, and then they were going to get dropped off before we headed to Barbados. 

People were walking around, exploring the boat, watching the water and listening to music.  Well, Charro was on the boat with some people.  I tried to see what she was doing without her knowing.  They were getting ready to serve dinner and it started thundering and lightening.  People ran down from the top deck and the people inside shut the windows so the rain wouldn't come in.  I guess we ate dinner, I don't really remember, but the next thing I know we're on a smaller boat, it was flat so you could touch the water.  So I touched the water, this girl from high school (Jen) touched the water, and then my dad was touching the water.  I told my dad to be careful because he was getting too close to the water and he can't swim.  He fell into the water and the boat kept going.  Jen jumped in after him.  I yelled, "He can't swim!!  Man overboard.  Man overboard!"  Another man jumped in.  He had gone under water.  I had jumped in and started swimming towards him but I was too far away and couldn't swim that fast.  The man pulled him up, we got him back on the boat, but he was unconscious.  The man did CPR on him and revived him.  I was crying.  I woke up breathing heavy.

At some point in my dream the people on the boat were all in my house.  I was getting ready to eat breakfast and got my bowl of cereal ready.  I left it on the counter while I did stuff.  I heard someone in the family room say to Charro, "Did you see her little bowl of cereal?  Did you see that thing?"  I got mad that people were talking about me.  I knew Charro had seen it.  I went back to eat my cereal and my bowl was gone.  I asked my mom where it went and she said that she threw it away.  I started yelling at her really loud and very angrily.  "Why did you throw it away, that's my breakfast!!  Why would you do that?!"  I kept yelling and yelling at her.  I don't know what happened next.

The night before I had a dream about food too.  Long story short, I left my food to go to the bathroom and came back and it was gone.  I was starving and was mad that they took my food away.  Hmm, I guess there's a theme there.  I know why I'm having these food dreams, probably because I'm "restricting" (I HATE that word) a little and I went to bed hungry.

I have whiplash.  I dove playing softball and now my neck is sore.  Oh well.

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