Saturday, March 23, 2013

Wow, I felt out of shape

I'm glad I bagged out of running 6 miles today and only did four, before hopping on the elliptical.  I went hiking up a mountain today on my date.  It was fun, but I sure felt out of shape.  I was huffing and puffing big time going up that mountain.  I definitely got a good workout and my legs probably won't want to move tomorrow while I'm teaching class.

I need to go to bed.  I'm wiped.  Technically, I can weigh myself tomorrow, since Lent is over, but I will wait a few days.  I'm thinking by Tues. or Wed. I'm really going to want to just do it, so I'll go for it.  I wonder what my weight is.  I wonder if I lost weight or if I gained weight,  My jeans felt big on me today. 

Okay, I have to fill cat bowls, empty litter boxes, clean myself up, go to bed.

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