Thursday, March 21, 2013

WIF returns in one week. Yuck

I so do NOT want to have WIF next Friday.  That is going to suck.  It always sucks when Charro weighs me.  It's going to suck even more when she weighs me and I don't know she's going to weigh me.  That is going to beyond suck.

I'm totally going to weigh myself before next Friday.  I'll let Charro know that tomorrow.  She won't love that, but she'll also tell me that I can do whatever I want, which then leads to the guilt trip, but whatever.  I had to not weigh myself during Lent and Lent ends on Palm Sunday.  I didn't know that and told her that I would weigh myself on Good Friday, but then she told me that Lent ends on Palm Sunday so now I can do what I want.

Maybe I'll eat breakfast now. 

I really don't like Fergie.  She seems like such a dirty girl.  I also don't like her music.  Anyone remember when she was on Kids Incorporated?  Great show, by the way!!  Speaking of music, Good Morning America needs to change the music they play during their segments, because it's always the same and they are the most awful songs.

Okay, breakfast time.

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