Friday, March 01, 2013

Why no tears?

You know what's so nice, not getting weighed every Friday.  I love not having WIF.  :)

Charro wants to further discuss "feelings" and why I don't like to have them and what it would be like for me to cry in front of her.  I told her that I don't even cry in my apartment, I'm definitely not going to cry in front of her.  That would awkward.  At least when you cry in front of your family they can hold you tight and you can cry into their shoulder.  I can't cry into Charro's shoulder and get tears and snot all over her, so it would be awkward to cry in front of her while she sits there and watches me.  I'm going to tell her that on Monday when I see her.  She also wants to know why I like coming at night better and why I can talk better at night.  I don't know, it's quieter and I'm more relaxed.  Less hustle and bustle I guess.

I guess I should get ready for my first day of practice.  I'm going to freeze my ass off out there coaching these girls.

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