Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Want to cave

My legs are kind of screaming for a rest.  They'll get a rest on Saturday, if I decide to give them one.  I know I don't count walking miles and miles as a workout, it does tire my legs out.  Standing is worse, and now that I'm coaching, I'm standing out in the cold for 2 hours.  Anyway, the last time I gave my legs a rest was last Tuesday, I guess.  Since then I have done a lot.  If I look at it, last Tuesday wasn't that long ago so my legs should be okay.  Oh wait, I just remembered that I played field hockey last Tuesday night so they did not get a rest.  Anyway, I walk a lot and then work out on top of it and my legs are tired.  Tomorrow I have to run and coach, Thursday I have to walk 2 miles and teach class (that's sort of like a day off), Friday I won't go to the gym so that's a day off, but I will walk 6 miles and then strap on some heals for an event I'm going to, which will certainly consist of dancing.  Saturday I could take the day off from working out, but since I won't be working out on Friday I'm not sure that I can take the day off.   Regardless...my legs are tired and I probably should rest them, I just don't know when or how.

I also feel like I've gained 55 pounds in the past week or so.  I want to weigh myself.  I might cave soon.  We'll see what Charro has to say about that.

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