Friday, March 08, 2013

This is what we do

I got Charro some Girl Scout cookies and brought them to her today.  (Yes, she does pay me for them, and no, I'm not selling them).  Anyway, Keebler makes knockoffs so I bought a package of the fake Samoas and brought one cookie in so she could do a blind taste test because she assured me that she'd be able to tell which one was the Girl Scout cookie.  Well, she guessed wrong, she liked the knockoffs better and thought that was the GS cookie.  Anyway, while I was preparing this little taste test I asked her if it was okay if I touched her cookies.  I said, "My hands are clean.  Is it okay if I touch your cookies.  That didn't sound right."  It definitely didn't sound right.  Ha. 

Three more weeks of this not weighing thing.  Charro said after that we're going to go until Memorial Day.  I looked at her and said, "No way, I'm done with this.  I'm weighing myself three weeks from today and not doing this challenge again."  She said that I could do what I want, but we'd discuss it.

As I was leaving our sesh I hit the play button on my recorder by accident.  She said, "You don't want to record your walk home."  I said, "I don't want people to hear our sesh during my walk home, even though nothing important happened in here today."  She said, "Yes it did. Why do you think that?"  She sort of felt bad that I thought that.

This weekend she wants me to write about why I want to weigh myself and get "Down and deep."

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