Monday, March 11, 2013

That was mortifying

I'm still laughing out of horror to what happened to me when I got to Charro's office today.  I sat down and decided that I was hot, so I took off my sweater.  Well, my left arm was not inside the t-shirt I had on underneath so my entire left boob was exposed.  Granted, I was wearing a bra, but it's a nasty yellow one from like 1975.  Oh, so I'm fully unaware of the situation that has just unfolded so I sit back an begin to talk.  Charro goes, "Um, look at your shirt."  I never got dressed so quickly.  I don't really know what I said, but I did apologize for flashing her.  She was like, "We're all girls here."  MORTIFIED!!!  So, I couldn't focus from that point on because it was all I could think about.  (This is a perfect example of why your mother always tells you to wear clean underwear, people!!!)  About 15 minutes in I say, "I'm sorry, I can't focus.  All I can think about is how I flashed you." 

(Note to self, when putting on a t-shirt and sweater that you had worn and then took off and were putting back on, do not try to save time by keeping the shirt inside the sweater and putting it on that way.  It may result in an arm not being properly placed into the sleeve and your boob being totally exposed).


kickinit said...

Bahahahahahahahahahaha! LOL! Bahahahahahahaha! No way! That is funny!

PTC said...

I knew you would like that one!!