Sunday, March 03, 2013

Take a hike

I'm tired and I have a hiking date in an hour, which means that I have to dry my hair before I meet him because it's FREEZING out.  Yuck!  I'd rather just stay curled up on my couch today because I don't feel like walking around and expending energy, but it's good that I am because I kind of need to get up off of my ass and burn calories. 

Tomorrow is going to be a busy day...gym, show, work call, walk to Charro, practice, go home.  I'm already not looking forward to walking to Charro, but I will.  Now that that practice has started up, I'll average an extra 8 miles of walking per week, which will be good.  Charro loves that.

I want to lay on my floor and take a nap in the sun like my cat is doing right now.  It looks so enjoyable.

I guess I should get ready.

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