Friday, March 29, 2013

Pleased with WIF

WIF went fine today.   Charro was pleased.  She almost forgot about it, I think.  She decided, after some discussion, to save it until the end, which was fine with me because there's a greater chance of her forgetting about it then.  She almost did and I was putting on my jacket and she's like "What are you doing?  You're supposed to remind me if I forget about this."  I said, "Nope."  So she weighed me and it was fine.  She was like, "You're wearing your WIF jeans and I said, "I know.  It's tradition.  I was going to wear cargo pants but then I figured you'd pat me down.  I know I flashed you, but I'm not ready for the touching stage yet."  She goes, "That will never happen."  Correct on that.  We were obviously joking.  So I got on the scale and she goes, "You know I'm going I'm going to have to take off 5 pounds for those jeans."  I'm like yeah yeah.  It was all good though.  I passed WIF.  She remembered that she wants me to go to Memorial Day without weighing myself and I said, "Honestly, I'm going to weigh myself if I think you're going to WIF me.  The only way I won't weigh myself is if you don't WIF me."  She said that we'd discuss that on Monday.  She goes, "If I offered you and all expense paid two week trip to the Caribbean would you give me your scale?"  I said, "YES!"  Too bad she can't.

We talked about some other stuff too.  At one point I interrupted her and said, "Oh, I have a story that you'll like."  Now I know she thought, oh, what's she going to tell me, some story that's completely irrelevant.  She gave me a look and I said, "No, it's totally important and you'll like it."  She goes, "Who's it about?"  I said, "Me and my parents."  She did like it.  It was important, I guess.

Alright, I have a ton of crap I need to do, which includes tons of laundry and some baking.  I'm beat and just want to sit but I must do it.  Easter is coming.

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