Saturday, March 02, 2013

Mind on the move

I should probably bring this into Charro on thoughts as of late.

I'm tired. I didn't want to go to the gym this morning but I had to because I didn't work out yesterday.  I didn't work out, but I walked 7 miles, does that count?  Not so much in my mind.  My body is tired from being out late last night so I would have liked to have just stayed on the couch.  My legs were a little tired from walking and standing around in the cold at practice yesterday, but I had to go to the gym.

I've been feeling fat for the past couple of days.  Maybe it's because I can't weigh myself.  I think it has more to do with the fact that I saw 50 million rolls of fat on my stomach when I was teaching aerobics the other night.  50 million may be a small exaggeration.  Today, I feel like my stomach is too big.  I want it to be concave.  Charro always tells me that we're not supposed to be concave, but I want to be concave.

I don't want to have to walk 25 blocks in an hour, but I will do it instead of taking the bus.  Actually, that doesn't have anything to do with my ED, that has to do with the fact that I'm cheap and don't want to spend the money on transportation when I can just walk it.  If the ride was free, I'd jump on it so quickly.

I guess I should get ready to head out of here because I have to leave in a few minutes.  When I get back, I will take a nap, that's for sure.  Oh yeah, I'll have to eat lunch too.  I was going to make some cauliflower but didn't have time, so maybe I will do that when I get back. 

Oh yeah, I've eating my "sticks" for the past two mornings too.


AlwaysJoy said...

I empathize with you on the having to work out, I'm the same way and I don't consider my walks or runs workouts it has to be at the gym.
And the cheap thing too - I live like 2 miles from the grocery store and I have a car but will I drive? No why waste gas...

PTC said...

It's funny, when I'm home and have my car, I'll drive everywhere.