Thursday, March 28, 2013

It always gets me

WIF always makes me nervous.  I hate WIF and tomorrow it won't be any better.  I think Charro really likes doing it, even though she says she doesn't.  I think she gets some thrill out of it.  I, however, do NOT!

I should probably make some dinner, which will most likely be egg whites on toast at this point.  I don't have anything else and I have to leave in an hour.  I'd like to rip my contacts out of my eyes and take a nap, but I cannot. 

I totally got kicked from behind the leg, in the back of my foot today, which made my leg hyper extend.  Now my knee area does some freaky thing.  That's not okay.  Got a good workout playing soccer though.

Egg whites on toast is not sounding all that appealing. 

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