Sunday, March 17, 2013

I'll probably call the doc

I should probably make a doctor's appointment for this heart situation, since it's still going on and we're on day three of this.  I'll make an appointment for a physical.  I'll probably call this week and try to get in the first week in April.  I can't make the appointment until I know what day I'll be home.  I'm not going to tell Charro about this because I'm sure it's nothing.  I've had palpitations before, but not three days in a row like this.

I just attempted making salted caramel chocolate scones.  They did not come out very good.  My neighbor walked by and my door was propped open, so I gave him one.  Unfortunately, he's a trained chef.  HA!  I told them they were too floury and not good.  He did say they were doughy.  I like constructive criticism, although I don't know how I'm supposed to fix the problem.  He's the only person on my floor I really talk to, the rest are all pretty weird.

I'm watching The Golden Girls.  Nice, relaxing day.

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