Tuesday, March 19, 2013

I want to just do it

I'm kind of tired of this not weighing myself thing.  I know I only have to go until next Friday but I'm thinking I should just do it.  If I do it now, it gives me over a week to put on a pound (sort of) if I've lost weight.  The random weigh ins are really going to suck, especially in the summer when I'm wearing less clothes.  We're going to go through this whole cycle again with the, "If you don't gain this weigh by this date I can't work with you anymore."  I'm so done with that.  My weight is my weight, I'm not going to eat more than I need to just so I can reach a certain number on the scale.  I hate this game.

I need to go get my car checked and then head to the office. 

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