Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Hopefully WIF will not return

One more day until WIF.  Seriously, am I ever going to get to stop writing about WIF?  I'm sick of it and if anyone actually read my blog, I'm sure they'd be sick of it too.  I emailed Charro about some insurance stuff and then told her that I had WIT (weigh in Tuesday) and that my weight didn't change so we didn't have to have WIF.  I'm sure she'll really go for that.  Ha.  Come on, my weight hasn't changed in like 2 months, so can't we be done with this WIF shit?  I think so.

One more day of practice and we're playing full field soccer with the softball team tomorrow for our second practice.  That means that I'm going to get a good workout.  Yay, since my workouts have been pretty non-existent this week.  I love running around with these kids.  What I love even more is that I'm faster than most of them and twice their age. :)  That makes me happy.  They're not the most athletic bunch, so they think I'm superwoman when I do things.  Well, they're right, but still.  Ha. ;)  Just kidding. 

I hate Mariah Carey, just saying.  I'm watching American Idol for the first time this season only because there's nothing else on.  I haven't been watching because I can't stand Mariah.  I'll be going to bed soon anyway.  Best part of my night, the litter boxes have already been emptied.  Yay!!

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