Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Flashing, Sneakers, and coffee

Well, I was so caught up in writing about how I exposed my left boob to Charro yesterday that I forgot about the other funny things that happened.  Let's say I was a little traumatized, and probably still am, by the boob flashing incident to remember anything else.

Anyway, at one point Charro looks at my sneakers and goes, "Those aren't my favorite."  LOL.  Did I ask her opinion?  I thought that was hysterical that she felt the need to tell me that she didn't like my sneakers.  I was not offended at all.  It was so funny.

She also confessed to me that she had coffee.  Let me rewind, she gave up coffee for Lent and I (she forced me to) gave up weighing myself.  So her computer crashed yesterday and she had a bad morning.  She said she ordered an iced coffee and took a sip and then remembered that she wasn't supposed to have it.  She said she thought about throwing it out, but didn't.  She told me that I won.  I said, "It's not about winning...now I can weigh myself. :)  I think I'll go in on Friday and tell her that I "forgot" that I wasn't supposed to weigh myself and stepped on the scale, and by the time I realized what I was doing, it was too late.  :)

She gave me another homework assignment too, which I like.  I like assignments.  I'll do that at some point.  I should probably listen to the tape to see exactly what it is again.

I think I had a dream that Charro said we were having WIF on Friday.  I think I told her no.  :)


Christina Rose said...

You are so funny :)

PTC said...

Thanks Christina. Did you read the post below, about the actual boob flashing??

Christina Rose said...

Yeah I did! It sounds like one of those crazy dreams people have, or something from a TV show. You're hilarious!

PTC said...

I know, right?