Monday, March 25, 2013

A wet mess

Day one of pre-season lacrosse is over.  Showered, not that I did anything to get sweaty, and am heading to Charro in a few minutes.  It feels nice just to sit.  I don't see how I'm going to work out until Thursday.  That is NOT okay.  I need to figure it out and make it happen somehow.  I can't even walk to Charro's today because it's raining/snowing out.  It's just cold and wet and gross out.

UGH...WIF on Friday.  I'm going to tell her that I'm getting nervous for it.  I really, REALLY HATE WIF.  Seriously, WIF needs to stop.

I guess I should probably go to the store after I see Charro and get some stuff to make for lunch for tomorrow.  I'm thinking veggies and rice.  That can be eaten cold and doesn't have to be refrigerated.  If only I had good bread, fresh mozzarella and tomatoes.  Hmm, maybe I should get some.

I guess I should dry my hair since I'll freeze if I walk outside with it wet.

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