Thursday, February 28, 2013

A strange day

Yesterday was interesting, a little.  I went to Walmart with a co-worker, but we took separate cars.  It was very windy and rainy.  I pulled out of the lot and was driving when a rogue bread cart started making its way out of the parking lot from behind the grocery store and into the street.  I saw it coming but got by and watched it land in the middle of the street.  After that, I'm not sure what happened.  Well, my co-worker was a few cars behind me so she saw it too.  I totally forgot about the incident until I spoke to her on the phone later.  It was hysterical.  We were cracking up.

Moving onward, I was visiting with a client who then asked me out on a date.  Oh yes he did.  He's got 4 kids, two whom are in college, and he asked me out for dinner.  Awkward.  I think he wants to take me to Barbados too.  Flattered but a bit weirded out as well.  Fast forward to me getting back to my apartment.  About 20 minutes after I walk in my door (hours after seeing him), I get a call from a number I don't know and I answer it.  It's my client.  Um, yep, he called me at home.  (When I make calls I use my home phone so he apparently wrote it down.  Someone needs to start using *67.  Is that what it is to block your number?).  Anyway, I told him I was going out to my friend's birthday celebration and he said, as he was fishing for my age, "She must be turning 30 something?"  I said, "No, she's in her 40s, she's old!"  He goes, "I guess this isn't going anywhere,"  or something like that.  Good move on my part, even though I don't think 40 is old at all.

So, that was my day.  Charro is going to LOVE this story.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Sometimes we forget

I'm kind of hungry but I don't even know what I'd want to eat if I were to eat something, which I'm not now anyway because I'll just go to bed.  I sort of forgot to have lunch today, so I ate a lunch/dinner around 3:30 PM.  I'm sure that Charro would not have been thrilled with that at all so it's a good thing that I'm not keeping a food log these days.  I do NOT miss those damn food logs either.  Yuck!

Ugh, so I'm supposed to go another 4 weeks without weighing myself?!  Seriously...I'm not quite sure about that.  This will be the longest time I've gone without weighing myself since before I started weighing myself, which was before high school.  That was a long, long time ago.  So, I haven't gone more than 2 weeks without weighing myself in 20 yrs.  That's a bit nuts, but whatever.  I really just want to weigh myself so I can know if I've gained or lost weight.  I'm not going to change anything either way, at least I don't think I would.

I just got tired so I'm going to head to bed.  I hope my kitties are extra snugly tonight.

Calf knot

I have the biggest knot in my calf right now and it's killing me.  I've been trying to work it out, which makes it just hurt more.  Right now I have heat on it and then I will try and work it out some more. 

I need to look up the address for an office I need to stop at.  My bra straps keep falling down.  I think I'm burning my leg with this heating pad.

Okay, I gotta go.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The name tag

I had to check in when I got to the event last night.  I had to give the lady my name and then she gave me a name tag.  I said, "Can I use a fake name?"  She said, "Sure."  I didn't, but I also didn't put the name tag on.  I stuck it right in my back pocket.  Really, like I need to wear a name tag?  I don't need anyone talking to me and addressing me by my name.  I wasn't going to talk to anyone anyway, hence no need for a name tag.  Charro's going to love dissecting that one.  It's very simple, I don't want people do know who I am and that I have an ED.  That's all.  It's embarrassing.  I don't really have an ED anyway.

I'm hungry.  Going to dinner with some friends and then going to play field hockey.  Let's hope I don't almost bust my ankle like I did last week. 

Monday, February 25, 2013

Oh, the event

So I had a good sesh with Charro and then I went to the NEDA event.  It was kind of boring since it was mostly about the modeling industry.  Let me just say, I was the shortest person in the a long shot.

In other news, I'm sure Charro was bummed that our sesh was ending because we got sort of deep in the last few minutes.  Way before that I took the pillow and put it on my legs and she wanted to know why I moved the pillow.  I told her that I wanted to be able to rest on it, and then I told her it was because my legs looked huge and I didn't want her to see them.  She said, "So you did it for my benefit?"  I said, "Yes."  She goes, "So you think I'm going to look at them and think that they're big?  You've known me long enough, do you really think I think that way?"

Okay, I need to go to bed.

Proof of how dangerous cookies can be

Cookie Danger

Watch that.  You will laugh!
I'm killing time while I wait for my mom to call back.  I have to somehow convince Charro that she does not need to do random weigh-ins with me after she weighs me on Good Friday.  Hmm, I've got some time to figure that out. 

Tonight's the NEDA event.  I don't even know why I'm going because it's about the modeling industry, which I could really care less about, but hopefully they'll talk about ED stuff because that's what I want to hear. 

Hit the treadmill this morning.  That's really not all that exciting.  Talked to my mom, now it's time to do some work. 

Sunday, February 24, 2013


Translation = Tired.

I've had a few late nights, which is fine because I've been having fun.  The problem is that I don't know how to sleep late.  I went to a concert last night and didn't get home until 1 AM.  It was a great show, as usual.  I got to see my peeps, which is always nice.

What is not nice is that I forgot my ipod in my gym bag therefore my workout is going to be very boring this morning, unless I run into someone I know and I have someone to chat with while I work out.

Okay, I just spaced so I'm done writing.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Turn the heat up

I'm having a hard time getting warm this morning.  I just keep turning my heat up.  I have a lot of stuff to do in the next 35 minutes, but I have yet to get up off of the couch to do them.  I'll get it done, it's not that much stuff, I guess. 

I can't decide if I should bring my camera to the concert tonight.  Nah, I won't I guess.  Too big and bulky and why do I really need to take pictures?

My date last night was good.  He was nice.  I don't really think I felt any connection though.  Oh well.  He said he wanted to see me again.  We'll see.  He's kind of far away anyway.

I guess I should get up and get ready to workout.  I can't wait for the show tonight.

Friday, February 22, 2013

"Same shit different shape"

I told Charro that I want "sticks."  (Fiber One).  She said, "You should have done a double, you should have done the weighing and the sticks.  I have this feeling that if I came over to your house right now I'd find sticks in other forms.  Same shit, different form.  Same shit, different shape.  Go ahead and eat your sticks, if that's your thing.  I think you should have pancakes."

I thought that was a funny quote..."same shit, different shape."  Good one, Charro. :)

Keeping busy

Charro was so into hearing about my date...and the one I have for tonight.  She was like, "You talk about it, like we say in Italian, boiled potatoes."  Ha.  I don't get excited about things, what can I say.  She said that she is not doing any talking on Monday and that I have to do all of it.  Like that will really happen.

I have this NEDA event on Monday.  Ew, why am I going to this again?  Maybe it will be interesting.  I tried to recruit someone to come with me, but that was not very successful.  I guess I'll be going by myself.  At least my sesh with Charro is later so I can stop at Charro's and then continue on my way to this other thing.  Charro's boss is one of the speakers, ironically enough.  I asked Charro if she wanted me to go introduce myself and sing her praises.  She said, "If you'd like."  I said, "I don't think I'll speak to her."

I have a turf burn on my knee and it keeps getting stuck to my pants.

I think my cat has colitis and I'm not even joking.  She has the same symptoms that I had.  I don't really feel like taking her to the vet again and having her get a ton of procedures done.  She's almost 16, can't I just get some medicine for her?!  I need to talk to my vet.

I'm going to see Martina tomorrow.  Yay!! :)  I love Martina.

Charro said, "Explore this with me" to me today.  I always ask for a map when she says that.  Unrelated to that, she mentioned how I always have eating disorder thoughts all day long and I had to correct her and tell her that I really don't.  She was quite happy to hear that.  I really don't think about that stuff all day long.

That's all.  We'll see how date #2 goes tonight.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Date 1

Just got back from my date tonight.  It went well.  He was nice, funny, and cute.  I think there will be a date number two.  He also scored points for saying that I don't have an ounce of fat on my body.  (Not really, but it doesn't hurt to hear).

Date #2, different guy, tomorrow night.  We'll see how that goes.  Another possible date is lined up with a guy I really want to meet for the future.  He's away for work and pleasure right now.

I've got another guy whom I've sort of dated coming into town next week.  When it rains it pours.

My Comparison

I managed to use the bathroom last night without any injuries.  My cat, on the other hand, well, that was a different story.  I woke up to a stinker of a smell and then found her squatting next to the litterbox about to take a dump.  I had to throw her into the litter box twice, so by that point I was wide awake.

The other day in our sesh, Charro said how she hates how people constantly complain about winter and don't do anything about it like, move to a warmer place or embrace it.  So I said it's kind of like people who are constantly saying that they are fat and need to lose weight and then proceed to have 5 margeritas.  She didn't like that and said that was a very eating disordered way of thinking.  I disagree with that.  It would be like someone saying that they want to get in shape, yet the never partake in any physical activity.  Same thing.  If you want change you have to make it happen.

I'm taking a lunch break from work because I figured all of my clients are on break so I can't get it touch with them at the moment.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Toilet Wound

Oh yes, you read that right...I got a wound from my toilet.  Here's how it all went down.  I woke up to go to the bathroom last night, a typical middle of the night experience for me, and strolled into the bathroom with my eyes a quarter of the way open, turned around to sit down on the toilet and somehow lost my balance and fell back onto the toilet, whacking my back.  I wasn't quite sure what had happened, but I was glad that I didn't hit my head.  Anyway, now I have a big red puffy mark on my back, which I find pretty humorous.

I just ate some slaw salad so now my breath is kicking.

Wobbly legs

I'm sitting on the heating vent.  I didn't want to get out of bed this morning, but the fact that I have to get to the gym meant that I had to get out of bed.  My legs are not going to want to work out.  I ended up playing field hockey last night, at 9 PM, and now they don't want to move.  One knee has a juicy turf burn on it, which I should have had a band aid one while I was sleeping because I'm sure it juiced out all over my sheets.  I almost completely busted my ankle last night too.  It was scary, that initial, holy crap, please don't let me hurt myself badly thought.  I rolled it but I must have pretty lax tendons in there because I'm fine.  Thank God!!

I just ate breakfast and now I'm really full.  That's weird, and never happens.  I told Charro that I want to go back to my "sticks," we'll see what she says about that.  Oh wait, I know what she's going to say and it's going to start with an N.  Either that or she'll say, "It's your life, if you want to eat sticks then I can't stop you."

I should get up off of the heater and get ready to go to the gym.  Oh, I got up to go to the bathroom last night and completely fell hard onto the toilet.  I lost my balance and whacked my back on something, but I don't really know what.  Good thing I didn't hit my head.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

6 Days down

Charro says that I need to be vulnerable.  I don't ever let myself be vulnerable.  She wants to discuss that on Friday.  Why do I need to be vulnerable? 

I kind of want to weigh myself.  I don't know if I've gained weight or lost weight or stayed the same.  Sometimes I feel like I've lost weight, which is a nice feeling.  I'm sure my weight won't change much over the next few weeks, but if it does, and I lose weight, Charro will not be happy and then I'll be back to the damn food log and WIFs.  By the way, it is SOOO NICE not having to write down everything I eat.  SO NICE.  I'll have to remind Charro how nice that is because I reminded her how much I hated it every week.

Okay, I think the "kind of" wanting to weigh myself has turned into "I want to weigh myself."  It's been a week.  I have two scales waiting for me.  What would happen if I just got on?  Charro would be so disappointed.  I just want to know what the number is.  What's the difference if I know?  I'm not going to eat differently if I know.

Maybe I need to go do something else right now before I start to freak out about this.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Sweaty commute

Seriously, the ONE time I choose to take the subway instead of walking to Charro and the subway isn't running.  I got to the train only to find that it was roped off because it wasn't running.  I then had to try and figure out, in a split second, whether I should haul ass to the next subway, which was 18 blocks away, or hop on the bus.  Now, if you know NYC buses, you know that they take 9 days to get from point A to point B, so I opted with my feet.  I walked the 18 blocks (Just short of a mile) as fast as I could and was sweating bullets.  I got to the subway and the line to get through the gate was up the stairs.  I was like "Seriously, WTF?!!"  I'd never seen this before.  Someone said that the turnstile wasn't working.  I waited a few seconds and then crossed the street to the next entrance.  I got in but the correct train didn't come, but I got on that one as far as I could go and then hopped off and waited for the right one.  I was able to text Charro in the subway (surprisingly I got service for a second) to let her know I would be late.  I ended up being only a few minutes late, which was not bad at all.  It was a crazy commute.  I HATE being late.

We had a really good sesh.  It will be good to listen to it so I can hopefully go in there with some stuff on Friday.  I have a busy week.  I have two dates this week, one Thursday night and one Friday night.  I have another one hopefully next week, and that one I'm really looking forward to, if he follows through when he gets back from vacation.

Anyway, time for bed.

Love Monday Holidays

I love Monday holidays because that means that I don't have a conference call for work.  I'm going to take my time getting to the gym this morning because it's way too cold out.  I have to get my mindset up and running and keep telling myself that I love running so that it won't be as deadly when I hop on the treadmill.  I'd like to do 6 miles, but that might be pushing it because I don't even feel like doing one.  I guess I can cut it a little short if I plan on walking down to see Charro later, which I plan on doing, unless it's still 2 degrees out.  I'll walk...or not...I just heard the weather guy say that it is really cold out because the wind is still pretty strong.  I guess that means I'm running 6 miles.

I haven't weighed myself since Wednesday.  I'm supposed to not weigh myself until March 29th???  I don't think that is really going to happen.  Seriously, does it really matter if I weigh myself?  I don't think I've gained weight, if anything, I might have lost weight, but I'm just curious to see what the number is.

This is going to be a nice, sort of lazy Monday.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Cat got my water

I just reached for my glass of water and thankfully I remembered, before actually grabbing it, that my cat just had his face in it, drinking my water.  This means that I need to get up and get a new glass of water.

I can't wait to go to bed.  I'm sleepy.  It's freaking freezing out so I'm glad I'm in for the night.

I plan on running on the treadmill tomorrow, which I'm not looking forward to, but whatever.  I don't have to be anywhere until 4 PM, so that means I don't have to leave my apartment until 2:45 PM.

I'm watching The Devil Wears Prada.  I think it's over.  Charro's new office was almost just on TV.  I hate her new office location.  I think it's time to write a poem about how much I hate it.  Stay tuned...

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Kruger backflashes

I just read my old posts from when I went to see Kruger.  I'm so glad that I have this blog to look back on parts of my life.  Those Kruger days were hysterical.  She was horrible and reading the things she said to me make me laugh.  Poor Kruger, she's a nice lady, and clearly Charro likes her a lot, she was just so NOT for me.

I'm having a lazy Saturday.  I went to the gym and had this crazy lady who I always see there next to me.  She was drinking coffee and then opened a Canada Dry.  Really??  She's a bit nutty, from what I've seen.  Now I'm just sitting on the couch.  I'm going to do some cleaning and shower at some point.  Heading out with friends tonight.  Tomorrow I'm going to hang out with another friend, and she has a fire place in her apartment.  We're going to sit by the fire, which will be really nice since it will be bitter outside.

I guess I should get up and clean a bit.

Friday, February 15, 2013

The things we accomplish

It's so nice out today.  Today was our first Friday with no WIF.  Yay!!  I didn't really trust that she wasn't going to WIF me so I prepared a little for it.  (I just got a stupid paper cut).  Apparently Lent ends on Palm Sunday, which I did not know, but Charro is going to weigh me on Good Friday.  This means that I technically can weigh myself 5 days before that, but peer pressure (AKA Charro) may force me to not weigh myself until Good Friday.  Hmm, I'm not so sure about this.

I learned a few things about Charro today:

- She can't sleep without a down comforter.
- When she was younger, she changed her name to "Carrie" because no one could say her name.  One day a kid from school rang her doorbell and the girl asked for Carrie and Charro's dad said, "What the hell is that, no!"  She goes, he was like, "What?  Who's Carrie.  I forgot to mention that I told everyone in the neighborhood that my name is Carrie."
- She's going to DC this weekend.

See the kinds of things we accomplish in our sesh's.  I tried saying her name in Italian and failed at it. 

How the hell is there a fly in my apartment??  It's huge too.

I told Charro that I signed up to go to a NEDA event.  She wanted to know which one, probably because her boss is speaking at one...the one I'm going to.  I told her that I was going to wear a hat so I can hide myself because I don't want to go by myself because then people will know I have an ED.

I need to go vacuum up this fly.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

The girl has a date

I need chapstick and luckily there is some an arm's distance away. 
Charro tomorrow.  Should be interesting to discuss our Lent situations here.  Really, 39 more days of not weighing myself...I don't really think so.
I have a date next Friday.  This guys seems nice, hopefully he is.  Right now the only thing that might be a deal breaker for him is that I don't ski.  I would be more than happy, if things go serious, to let him go skiing with his friends or whomever, but I don't ski.  I'll just blame it on my concussions.  That's a good excuse to use.  I told him that I tried it twice in 6th grade but my feet go cold and I didn't like that. 
How is it almost 10 PM already?
I think I'm hungry.  I think I'm tired too.  Yay, I love sleeping.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Decision Made...

but it wasn't made by me.  I woke up to an email from Charro that said that "option 1 is the one."  That means that I'm not supposed to weigh myself until Easter, although I told her that we're going to have WIF on Good Friday.  I weighed myself this morning, like I told her I would, if we (not that I really agreed) agreed to do this challenge.  I'm not thrilled about this.  She said that she was going to give up coffee.  I told her that she has to give up caffeine, but I'm sure that won't happen.

I have a feeling that I'm not going to be able to move my upper body tomorrow.  I'm already fatigued.  I had to shovel out my car, which didn't take as long as I expected it to.  Then I had to shovel out the bottom of my driveway before I could pull into it.  All is well though and I'm sure I'll sleep well tonight.

Now it's time to work on a puzzle.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

I must decide

I have yet to decide what I'm going to give up for fake Lent.  I say "fake" because I'm Protestant and I don't celebrate Lent.  I told Charro that I'd give up chapstick, but she has not responded to that one.  I'm guessing that that is not what she wanted to hear.  So I'm supposed to decide between the scale and my heart rate monitor and I have to let her know by tomorrow.  What if I forget to email her??  I wonder if she'll email me to find out what my decision is.

My real issue is that I don't want to let her down because I really don't think I can go that long without weighing myself.  My other issue is that I don't ever want to have random WIFs.  I guess for the next 6 weeks I won't have to worry about getting weighed, which is a good thing.  I guess I should just take it from there.

Oh, so I just signed up to go to some NEDA event at the end of the month.  Doesn't sound too thrilling of a lecture, but I'll go anyway.

Monday, February 11, 2013

And the answer is...

Charro got back to me on my request about not having any more WIFs, ever, if I partake in this Lent challenge and give up weighing myself.  I requested that if my weight stays the same at the weigh in after Lent then we would never do another WIF again.  Here's what she had to say to that.

"I see your point about being rewarded for not weighing yourself for 40 days by not having wifs and I'm open to agreeing to this but having very very few wifs like once in a long while scattered through the year just to make sure you haven't lost, ok?"

Hmm, not sure how I feel about that because come the summer, when she weighs me, I'll weigh like 5 pounds less than she thinks I weigh and that won't go over very well.  I'll get the being fired threat again, and then we'll start this merry-go-round all over again with the food logs and WIFs.

She went on to say this...

"There's presently a serious contender for you on the subway - a very nice looking Italian man - highlighting the importance of staying open and alert on the train!"

That cracked me up!!!! :)  I love Charro.  She's funny.

Decisions, Decisions!

So here's the deal, Charro said that I can either give up my scale for Lent or my heart rate monitor, and that I need to let her know by Wednesday, because that's apparently when Lent begins.  First of all, I'm not even Catholic, so do I have to partake in Lent, I think not?!  I'm trying to strike a deal up with her, let's see how she responds.  But first, here's what we came up with in our sesh.  She said I should give up weighing myself for Lent and I made a face.  Then I said that she was going to WIF me anyway, so that's still me getting weighed.  I said that I didn't want to have to lie to her because if she was going to weigh me, I was going to weigh myself.  (Let's be completely honest for a minute, I'm only weighing myself before I get weighed by her to make sure that I'm going to weigh enough when I get to her.  Yes, I do make wardrobe adjustments so I will weigh enough to not get "fired.").  She said that she would weigh me blindly and I didn't go for that at all.  I finally got her to say that she wouldn't weigh me at all if I wouldn't weigh myself at all.  So, I'm considering that option.  The other option is for me to give up my heart rate monitor, which might be easier, I'm not sure.  The only reason the weighing thing is stressful is because I need to weigh myself if she's going to weigh me, so I don't get the boot.

So, here's what I have proposed to her via email upon my departure.  I suggested that I do not weigh myself and she does not weigh me from Wednesday all the way until Good Friday, when I see her.  I said that she can weigh me on Good Friday, and if my weight hasn't changed (gone down), then we will never have another WIF again, random or not random.  Maybe I should write up a contract and have her sign it. :)  I asked her to get back to me on that so I can make my decision as to what I want to give up.  If I'm going to be honest again, why not, I'm on a roll, it's all because I don't want to have to keep lying about my weight, therefore I want to stop getting weighed.  I'm clearly eating better, which she has agreed with, so why should my weight matter at this point?  I don't think it should.

So, that is that.

I'm supposed to go home tomorrow but my car is completely buried under 6 feet of snow, and the amount of snow behind it is even worse, and the road hasn't even been plowed yet.  Hmm.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

She's Awesome

Charro and I got talking about Kruger the other day, well, let me back track.  We were talking about how I was traumatized by Charro's voice the first time she called me.  I said that I didn't know if she was scary or what she looked like.  So she said, "So it's a good idea to put a picture up on my website?"  (She's getting a website).  I said, "Yes!!" and gave her my reasons.  Then I said how Kruger looked nice in her picture and Charro go, "She is nice."  I said, "Yeah, she's a nice woman, but that just didn't work out.  She was really nice on the phone."  Charro goes, "She's awesome."  Really??  I don't know how awesome she is as a therapist, let's just throw that out there.  I thought she sucked.  I wish I had taped those sessions.  That would have been fantastic to listen to again!!

Saturday, February 09, 2013

So it snowed

It snowed.  It wasn't bad here, about a foot, but my house got over 3 feet of snow.  Nuts.

I'm pmsing and in a bad mood, great combination.  My workout is done! :)  I'm going sledding with friends later.  It's freezing out.  I'm annoyed with two of my friends.  I see a little blue sky.  I wish I was still on the beach.

I LOVE NOT having to do a food log!  YAY!! 

Friday, February 08, 2013

Last WIF...Sort of

Before I write anything, I just want to give a shout to P-Dawg.  It's been five years Polly died.  I sort of hesitate to say "died" because she did take her own life.  That chick was nuts.  We'd talk on the phone for hours.  I can still hear her saying my name.

Today was my last WIF.  I wore my "WIF Jeans," as Charro pointed out.  I pointed out that I did not have them on on Wednesday, when I thought we were having WIW.  She said she was going to bring in something to celebrate the last WIF and last day of the food log, but she didn't.  I figured that she wouldn't because she was sick (still is) and drugged up when she said that.  Ha.  I'm SO HAPPY to be done with the food log.  I hated that thing.  It was so annoying.  I told her that I'd probably end up eating more, now that I'm not writing it down.  We're still going to have "random weigh-ins," which sucks.  Let's face it, my weight is what it is and will most like remain what it is for a while.  I didn't gain any weight while I was in Florida and I was eating more and working out less.  I actually might have lost weight because my jeans were falling off of me.

I need to get up and turn my sink off, which I turned on for my cat, but she's now sitting on my lap.

Charro spoke into my recorder to tell me what I need to talk about on Monday.  She goes, "Are you going to remember that now?"  I said, "No, I think it got erased."  :)

I'm skipping the gym today.  My legs are shot.  I worked out every day in Florida and since I've gotten back.  I didn't work out today, obviously, but I walked 4 miles this morning, to Charro and back.  I think I can relax for the day.

So, that's that.  I don't know how often these random weigh-ins are going to happen, but I'm not liking the idea.

Thursday, February 07, 2013

Last WIF...for real?

Charro was sick yesterday and realized that she probably shouldn't have gone into work.  I wonder if that means she won't show up tomorrow.  Hmm.  I would be okay with that for a few - because it's WIF and then I wouldn't have to have it, although that means I'd have to have it next week.  Two - because the weather is going to suck and I don't really feel like walking 4 miles in that crap, although I guess I could take the subway there.  I have to walk back because I need to stop at Staples on the way back.  I guess I could walk back part way and take the bus part way, that way I wouldn't have to pay another transportation fee.

I have laundry that I need to put away but I don't want to.  My cat is upside-down right now.  Weird.

I need new bedding.  Stuff doesn't fit anymore since I got my new mattress.  I saw some really cool comforters that I want, but I can't really get any of them because my cats will ruin them.

I'm not supposed to weigh myself before WIF tomorrow, but I'm sure I will.  I'm not weighing myself for the reasons she thinks I am.  I have my reasons though.  Tomorrow is supposed to be my last WIF.  There will still be random WIFs, which will not be fun.

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

No WIW today, and the rest of my dream

I was all ready for WIW today and we didn't have it.  WIF on Friday.  Ugh.  I hate WIF.  I have to do this dumb food log for two more days too.

So, I remembered part of my dream from the other night.  After we were given the chocolate, Charro gave us cheese wedges.  Well, something happened to mine, it either fell on the floor or someone threw it away, I can't remember.  Anyway, Charro went around and asked us if we ate our cheese and I said yes, just because I knew she wouldn't believe me if I had told her what had happened to it.  Well, then I said that I didn't because it had fallen, or whatever, and she didn't believe me.  I said, "Do you want me to take another piece?"  She said, "No, you had three pieces of the chocolate and you were only supposed to have one."  I said, "I did not have three pieces."  She didn't believe me and I got really pissed at her.  Then I woke up.

It was nice to see Charro today, but I didn't have much to say.  She's sick, hopefully she won't cancel on Friday, but it's fine if she does.

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Last night here and crazy dreams

I had a lot of dreams while I slept in my bed here.  Last night was my last night here and I'm sad to leave the tropics. :(  Sad day.  I'm not ready to go back to the cold.  Anyway, last night I had a dream that I was in a group with Charro.  There were 5 or 6 other people in it.  Two girls sat to my right, at the round table.  The one farthest from me was anorexic and scared to death of food.  The girl next to me, I don't know what her issue was.  The guy to my left was a little overweight and was a binge eater, the guy to his left, I'm not sure what his deal was.  Charro sat across from me.  She was acting really weird and got up from the table and left the room.  All of us in the group started talking about her and were like "What's going on with her?  She's acting really weird.  She seems mad or upset."  She finally came back into the room with a HUGE Rolo, but it was in chocolate bar from and it was a HUGE chocolate bar.  She said, "You each have to take a piece."  There were little squares, but each square was made up of 2 triangles, so all we had to do was take a triangle.  The guy next to me went first, and he took a bite.  I looked at Charro and said, "Can I use my fingers?"  (The thought of taking a bite out of something that other people were biting skeeved me out).  She said yes and I took a triangle.  The girl farthest from me had her triangle already and was freaking out about eating it.  I ate my triangle and Charro looked at me and said, "You were only supposed to take one, not three!"  I said, "I didn't take three.  I only took one."  We got into an argument because she kept insisting that I had taken three pieces when I had only taken one.  I got so pissed at her.  I was pissed that she didn't believe me.  I got up and left the room.  Then, I woke up.

Sunday, February 03, 2013

Enjoying it

I'm enjoying my time here.  Saw the most spectacular sunrise yesterday morning.  That's all. :)

Friday, February 01, 2013

Two toned

I'm a bit two toned right now, and my tan is all messed up and uneven, but I'll fix that.  I ran on the beach this morning and then rollerbladed home.  So, I got a little burned rollerblading home, so I have tank top marks, which need to go away.  I have a red squiggle on my back where I missed the sunscreen, but no one will see it, so it's okay.  Only 4 more days left in the sun.  Bring it on, baby.

I was DYING while I was blading today.  I had already run in the sand and then when I was blading, the wind was at my face the entire time, so it was really, really hard.  I wanted to call my dad to pick me up, but I stuck it out, like a trooper.  Ha.

Getting ready to head to dinner soon.  I'm starving.  Laying out all day really makes me hungry. ;)