Friday, October 19, 2012

WIF song passed...

But I didn't pass WIF.  So, Charro made me take my boots off, which was not cool.  Then I got on the stupid scale and I was "lost weight" since last week, which is completely not true, but on her scale it was because I didn't have shoes on this time.  FYI, I'm going to wear my WIF jeans again next week.  So she said that I have to gain a pound by next week or we have to take a break.  I tried to tell her that it was because I had shoes on last week but she didn't agree with that.  Whatever, I can make it work for next week, not a problem.

She did like my WIF song, although I refused to sing it, I just spoke the words.

I learned today that Charro is getting her PhD.  Wow.  Impressive.  I was like "How do you do it all?"  She pointed to her coffee and said, "I don't get much sleep."  She has two kids, works full-time (more than one job) and is in school.  I'm very impressed.  I told her that she is my idol.

Why does she have to be thin after having two kids.  I wish I looked like she does.

I'm sleepy.

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