Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Watching the coverage

I've kind of been glued to the TV watching all of this hurricane coverage.  It's just beyond disastrous.  Everyone I know is safe, which makes me feel better.  It's horrible though. 

I did go out and walk around to check out damage around here.  Where I am there isn't much damage, there was a lot of flooding but you can't really see anything but debris left behind from that.  The city is a mess though.

Charro is not going to be so thrilled with my food logs this week.  Maybe she see a correlation between my lack of seeing her and my poor food log.  Hmm, maybe I'm over it and don't care anymore.  I don't really know.  I just thought about that one.  I really don't think I'll be seeing her on Friday because of the transportation situation here.  It's going to take a long time for the city to recover.  My thought was, I had a late lunch so I don't need to eat dinner.  I wasn't hungry so I just had some snacks tonight.  That's not gonna fly.

I guess I should get ready for bed.  I finally got my heat to work, which is nice.  I kept thinking that I was cold, but then I would think about how millions of people are a lot colder than I am because they're sitting in the dark without heat, lights, or anything.  My thoughts are with everyone.  I hope my parents get power back soon, but it could be at least 5 days.  I just think about all of the food that's going to go bad in their 3 freezers and 2 refrigerators.  :(

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