Saturday, October 13, 2012

Too Cute

I'm watching "Too Cute."  It's all about kittens and they are sto stinking adorable and I want every single one of them.  One of my cats enjoyed watching a little bit of it as well.  Her head was going back and forth, it was cute.

I'm feeling fat.  I need to work out more.  Tomorrow starts me kicking it into high gear.  I'll teach class and then play field hockey for two hours, so that should be good.  I can't decide if I'll run to Charro's on Monday or not.  I'm seeing her early, so I'd have to leave around 8 AM and it will be cold then, so I'm not so sure I want to run.  It's going to warm up to 75 that day.  If I was seeing her at my normal time, I would totally run.  I guess I could run in the park before I go to practice.  That will work.  Maybe I'll do that.  Yep, that sounds like a plan.

So yeah, I need to work out more.  It's going to cool down again towards the end of the week, which will be good for WIF. 

OMG, I want these kittens.  They are so cute.

The disordered part of me wishes I had the desire to run a marathon, but I don't really like running and would be bored out of my mind, so that would never happen.

I totally got up in the middle of this and just started doing other things.  Do I all of a sudden have ADD?  Oh well.

I worked out for an hour, but it wasn't enough.  I should have run for an hour.  I need to get back into running on the treadmill for an hour now that's it's getting cold out.  The only problem is that The Closer isn't on anymore so I can't watch it while I run.  Sad day.  That will make it hard.

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