Monday, October 15, 2012

Times up, time to run

I'm heading out for a run in about 4 minutes.  My legs are tired from playing field hockey for 2 hours yesterday.  It was such a freaking blast and the weather was perfect!!  Towards the end I think my body was like "I'm done," because my legs started shaking like crazy.  They do that sometimes.  I can't wait until next Sunday.

Oh, speaking of running, Charro and I were discussing marathons this morning and how I would never ever run one.  She, I know, feels the same way.  Anyway, she chimes in goes, "You know, I'm running the marathon in a few weeks."  I was like, "Huh??  You are?  No."  She said, "Yes, I've been keeping it from you but I'm running in a few weeks." She went on and I actually believed her for a minute, even though I know she would never ever run one.  She finally goes, "Got ya."  I said, "You did have me there for a minute."

She said that my face didn't get fatter, like I said it did.  I said, "Well of course you'd say that. You wouldn't tell me that my face got fatter."

I saw a girl with a Renfrew bag on the subway.  She got off at that stop.  I wanted to ask her if she goes there as she proudly carried her purple Renfrew bag.

Times up, gotta go running.

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