Monday, October 22, 2012

Stinky WIF is coming

WIF is going to stink on Friday.  I'll probably get fired.  I was/am so tired today that I was like a floppy bean bag in my sesh today.  Charro was like "What's wrong with you?  You're all out of sorts."  I said that I was tired.  She said that she's going to strip me down on Friday for WIF so I should not wear all crazy dangling things and stuff, whatever "dangling things" means.  I don't really have "dangling things."  That might have been her exact word but it was something like that.  I told her I was going to wear my bikini so she wouldn't have to strip me down.  Ugh.

I said something to her about my blog.  I told her how people have asked me if she reads it and I was said, "No, she has much better things to do.  She's very busy and the last thing she wants to do in her free time is read my blog."  She was like, "I wouldn't even know how to find it.  Would I just search 'palmtreechick?'"  I was like, "yep, it would come up."  Let's home she doesn't do that, but I'm guessing she will not.

Seriously, can I go to bed now?

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