Sunday, October 28, 2012

Shut down

As expected, I won't be seeing Charro tomorrow because they've basically shut down the city as of 7 o'clock tonight.  I was just out and about and it's nice because no one is out there.  So, no Charro until possibly Friday...WIF.  Does that mean that if I don't pass WIF then I get another week because she wasn't there to "support" me and help me through it?  I'm probably pushing my luck with that.  I wonder if she'll ask if I want to see her on Wednesday morning.  I guess at this point no one really knows what's going to happen here so there's not point in making plans.

As for the "I'll send you emails every day to cheer lead you" thing, well, that hasn't happened.  I didn't really think she'd remember that she was going to do that, but I was curious as to what she might say.

I am pretty sure that my gym is closed tomorrow, and possibly on Tuesday, which is so not cool.  I don't know how I'm going to survive that.  I do have a Reebok slide under my bed, so I can whip that out and try to do my own boring class for an hour.  I can also run the stairs...all 40 stories of them.  I would be dead after 7 floors, let's be honest.  What I need is some other crazy obsessed person to do it with me so I can be pushed to do it.  I have some weights here so I can do some weights too.  I need to do something because I'm just getting fatter...which is essentially what Charro wants but it's not what I want.

I'm thirsty.

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