Saturday, October 20, 2012

Numb Toe

One of my toes is numb quite a bit.  I am attributing it to the foot injury I had in the winter.  I was playing with it the other day in my sesh and Charro was like "What's going on with your toe?"  I told her and I kept playing with it.  She's like, "Do you think you can stop touching your toe for 2 seconds?"  Then she was like, "Okay, put your jacket over it. I can't look at this anymore."  It was funny.  It's still numb.

I can't leave any mugs or glasses of water out because my cat sticks his head in them and starts drinking.  This poses a big problem.  I cover the glasses and he knocks the paper off and sticks his head in there.  I'm trying to drink out of water bottle less, but he is not helping me do that.  He's so lovey.  He has to sit next to me constantly.

I just got sidetracked because my guy is being so cute.  I was taking pictures on my phone and editing them.

I guess I should get ready to go for a run.

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