Sunday, October 14, 2012

Making a change

I can stop eating now because I weigh 3000 pounds.  The workouts are going to be kicked into high gear and the eating can stop a little bit.  I'll be doing about 3 hours of physical activity today, which will be good.  Tomorrow I'll go for a run.  I'll go from there.  My life is going to be less busy after next week, so it will be much easier to work out more.  I'll also be walking 8 less miles a week because I won't be walking back and forth to school, so I have to keep that in mind too.

I can't drink out of my glass because my cat just did.  I guess I have to get up.

It's possible that I'll get ill from the bad milk I just had in my cereal.  I was too lazy to go get new milk so I had bad milk.  It would really be ashame if I lost like 3 pounds from that.  ;)

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