Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Yesterday and today were busy days, which I like.  I just got home and I have to change and leave again and won't be back until 9:30.  I was happy to get back to see my kitties.  I missed them.  One of them is being crazy right now.

It's not going to be as cold as I'd like it to be for WIF on Friday.  It is going to be rainy though.  Hopefully she won't make me take off my rain boots before I hop on the scale.  I'm guessing she might, but who knows.  I don't really mind WIF right now because I can make it work, but if we're still doing this in the Spring, we might have a problem.

My parents haven't said anything to me about food, weight, etc. in a very long time, so that's a good thing.  :)  I wonder if they notice anything different.

I have a sort of busy day again tomorrow.  Saturday I don't have to do anything but work out, which is good.  :)  I hope I'll have to babysit, that would be nice because I could use the cash. 

K, time to get going.

OH, we had an earthquake last night.  It was the coolest thing.  I was eating dinner and I thought my dad was doing something with his legs under the table and then I realized it was an earthquake.  I could hear and see things moving.  It was awesome.  It lasted about 8 seconds.

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