Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Car accident dreams

I don't know where this dream came from, but I had a dream I was in a bad car accident, the second car accident dream I've had in a few days...should I be extra cautious today when I get into my car?  Anyway, I was in the car with two of my friends and we were in the back seat.  Two young (like 20s) girls were driving.  They rounded the bend too fast and we went off the cliff into the ocean.  As we were free falling I said, "open the windows," (so we'd be able to get out of the car in the water).  The three of us in the back survived unscathed, but the two girls in the front were complete decapitated.  One was cut off at the waist and I don't know about the other.  The body bags were put on them and I stood there shaking.  People took us into a nearby auditorium to sit there.  There were other people in there, people who witnessed the accident.  We sat up from and then the door opened.  I looked up and it was Stephanie (fill in T) and her mom walking down.  I was in the car with Steph's sister, who was my friend, but I didn't know they were related.  Stephanie saw me and obviously knew who I was and acknowledged me without others knowing and then pretended (for my privacy) to not know me.  She introduced herself and told us she was here to talk to us for the entire week because she was a therapist and knew our experience was very traumatic.  She was concerned that this was going to spiral my ed completely out of control.

So, that was my dream.  I have to say, I'm pretty concerned about Friday and WIF and how I'm most likely going to end up fired.  This is not going to be good.  I'm also really, really hating my weight and the fact that I've gained 2 pounds.  I want it gone!

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