Friday, September 14, 2012

Yay!! No F.L.

So I'm quite happy that Charro forgot to give the food logs to me.  YAY!!  I couldn't be more thrilled.  She also forgot my receipt again too.  Hey, I'm okay with her forgetting my receipt if she keeps forgetting to give me the food logs.  YAY!!  She told me that I have to gain weight, right after she weighed me, and then, as I was leaving, she said, "Go forth and gain weight."  Um, okay.  Ha.  I did make her crack up and then I said, "See, you'd miss me if I wasn't here."  I don't think she heard me though, she was too busy laughing and coughing.  She said I have to start talking about how this (the weight thing) makes me feel.  Um, I don't want to do it, that's how it makes me feel.

I guess that was about it, we talked about other stuff, but that's boring.  Oh, she did say, when we were discussing the weather, she said, "Ugh, I need therapy.  I don't know how to dress in this weather and it takes too long to figure out."  She went on about it and it was funny.

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