Friday, September 28, 2012

WIF, Round 4

I survived WIF, round 4.  I didn't think it was going to be good, but luck was in my favor.  I got completely drenched on  my way there so my sneakers and jeans were soaked and heavy, which probably helped on the scale.  Charro forgot to weigh me at the beginning, so I had time to drink some water in there.  I also had my jacket on, so I had lots of things working in my favor.  She said I'm gaining "slowly" but whatever, I don't have to do it fast.   She didn't think my food logs were great because I "eat too much candy."  Um, I'm definitely eating crappy because my friend is here.  There's a solution to this problem, I just won't write down candy if I eat it. :)  That will work out.

I'm probably going to get weighed on Tuesday because I don't see her next Friday.  The following Friday is the day I'm supposed to be at 102, which means 103-104 on her scale, but I tried to tell her that that's not fair since I won't be seeing her for a while because she's gone and then I'm gone.  She didn't totally disagree with me.  I think she might go easy on me.  I don't really think she wants to fire me, but I think she will.  We'll see.  She's very adamant about me weighing 102, which, when I weighed myself this morning, I was totally not anywhere near that, but my battery is also dying in my scale too.  I got a new one yesterday but haven't put it in yet.  So, that's the dealio.

I am freezing so I should probably put on some clothes.  I have practice in an hour and I'm going to teach these girls aerobics since our game was canceled.  I'll make it extra hard. :)

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