Thursday, September 20, 2012

WIF - Round 3 prep

Tomorrow is WIF, round 3.  Hmmm...not fun.  As we get further into the WIF rounds, the most stressed out I get about them.  If I don't hit 100 tomorrow, which I should given the clothing I will be wearing, and the fact that my friend brought me all of this food from Nashville, I will have to keep a food log.  If I don't hit 100, Charro is going to ream me out and I'm not going to want to hear it.  She gets that tone in her voice, the same tone that my mom gets when she's telling me to take care of my crap when I go home.  I HATE that tone!!  Not cool from my mom and not cool from Charro.  So, we'll see how this goes.  I can't really come back in a bad mood either because my friend is here.  I'm not good at faking a good mood when I'm really pissed off.

So my friend and I are heading out for the day.  I still hate my phone.  Well, I sort of like it, but I might switch to the iPhone.  That's how it's looking at this point.

I had other stuff I was going to say.  Oh yeah, I had a dream I went to see Charro and I was chugging water because she was going to weigh me.  She kept saying she was going to weigh me and then kept forgetting.  I had a light windbreaker on with zip up pockets.  She was like, "What's in your pockets?"  I said, "Nothing, you can check."  So she checked one and then "I know you have stuff in the other pocket."  So I let her put her hand in it and there was nothing.  Now, I had cargo pants on and had my keys in one pocket.  She bumped into me and felt them and said, "What do we have here?"  I said, "Those are my keys, I just put them in there because I was leaving."  I don't think she ever weighed me because I put my coat on and left.

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