Sunday, September 23, 2012

"This isn't working"

Charro said that "this treatment isn't working," if she has to keep trying to convince me that I had an ED.  She said she shouldn't have to do that every time she sees me.  I forgot what else she said and I can't listen to it because my friend is here and that would be weird.

I need to get dressed and eat breakfast, but I'm not hungry.  I am doing a half ass job at these stupid food logs because I'm never home to write things down and it's not like I can just whip out the sheet of paper Charro gave me and write things down with my friend here.

I have been doing nothing but eating crap while she's been here, because she keeps bringing me food and I have to eat it.  Charro would be pleased.

I guess I should eat breakfast now.

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