Sunday, September 30, 2012

I would want to vomit

So my friend who is staying with me (she goes home tomorrow) has eaten nothing but crap the whole time she's been here.  It really makes me want to vomit.  She's been eating these scones everyday, which is nuts.  I don't think there's anything wrong with scones, but EVERYday??  So, today she had a scone and a lot of dessert that we made last night for a party we went to today.  She had some for breakfast with the scone, then at the party (she didn't eat the other stuff there) and then for dinner along with a piece of pizza.  Now, I love this dessert too, but it's all sugar and butter and chocolate, so it's really rich and sweet and if you eat more than a few pieces you want to puke because it's so sweet.  I don't know how she is eating that all and doesn't feel disgusting.  I'm not even talking ED wise, I mean just in general.  How can one eat all of that sugar and crap?  It just doesn't make you feel well.  I hear her eating more too.  It really disgusts me.

I see Charro tomorrow and Tuesday and then not again until Oct. 12.

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