Monday, September 10, 2012

Here comes the food log

Awesome!!!!  I can't wait.  Totally kidding on that.  I LOATHE food logs.  Charro said, and hopefully she'll forget because she seems to be extremely forgetful lately, that she is going to give me food logs on Friday.  She wants to give me the ones she uses in her program because she wants it in her form.  Ugh!!  That means I have to write down portions and times, I'm sure.  That means I'm going to estimate portions and times...or possibly overestimate portions. :)

Our sesh was fine.  She said that she doesn't care if I'm eating enough, I still need to gain weight.  But, my question is, if I'm eating enough, then I don't need to gain weight because my body would gain weight if it felt like it needed to gain weight.  Make sense?  She said that she doesn't necessarily think I need to eat more, but I need to make different choices of what I eat.  Blah, I don't think so.  What I do know, is that she is NOT going to budge on this weight thing.  I also know that that means that I'll probably be sans Charro sooner rather than later.

I got my blood pressure done at the street fair yesterday by one of the hospital nurses.  She looks at me and goes, "I'm going to do it again."  I said, "Oh, that can't be good."  I asked her if it was low, because it usually is.  She did it again and said it was on the low side, but if I normally run low than that's okay.  She told me to eat more spinach for a few months and see if I feel better.  I feel fine, but I like spinach so I'm okay eating it.

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