Sunday, August 19, 2012

Simple things I need today...

I need someone to stretch me.
I need to pack for my dreaded trip tomorrow.
I need to go teach aerobics.
I need to go shopping for stuff before I can pack for my trip.
That's the agenda.  I don't have somebody to stretch me, so I guess I'll be doing that myself after class.

I feel kind of fat.  I'm dreading this 4 days away with high school girls and an dickwad (DW) of a male coach who I don't like.  Ironically enough, my friend, who is now coaching with me, is sleeping with this guy.  EW!!  So now I have to deal with her being all high school girl crush on him for these four days.  She doesn't realize that this guys an asshole.  He's sleeping with EVERY female in NYC, and I think she knows that but maybe doesn't care or just pretends that he's not.  Oh well, not my problem!  He's not even good looking, and he's old!!  It's bad enough to sleep with someone who's hot and an asshole, he's not hot and an asshole.  Ha.

I do have something exciting to look forward to on Friday...MARTINA!!!  :)  Can't wait.  Oh, not only do I get to see Martina on Friday, I can weigh myself and I get to see Charro.  So, Friday has the potential to be a very good day.  We shall see.

I best get ready.

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