Friday, August 24, 2012

Not how I wanted my night to go

I got home from teaching class and all I wanted to go was shower and go to bed.  Well, that changed because I've been seeing these little brown bugs around my apartment occassionally.  I've had them crawling on me, which I'm so NOT a fan of.  Well, yesterday before class there was one on me (and after having been in a bug infested part of the state for the past 4 days, I was done with bugs), and when I got home there was one on me.  So, I started to freak.  I took the bug downstairs and asked the doormen what it was.  They didn't know.  I tried googling and couldn't really find anything.  I mean, googling "little brown bug" can get ya a lot of things.  Well, it might be some sort of beetle, but I don't know.  Then I started cleaning out my cabinets because I read something about how they like dry food.  Well, I found a bunch in there, so I proceeded to take out all of the food in my cabinets, bleach the shelves, wash the cans, and throw out a ton of food.  That's one way to get rid of crap.  Before I didn't have room for any food in there, now two of my shelves are practically bare.  I guess that's a good thing, and much needed because there was some stuff in there that had been in there for way too long.  So, that was that.  I got to bed at midnight and for some reason I woke up before 6 AM.  WTF is that about?  I am going to die today.  I'm going to be up really late tonight too, so that's no good.  I just need it to be sunny tomorrow so my friend and I can lay out all day and I can pass out in the pool.

So, I weighed myself this morning.  It was about the same as it was last time I weighed myself.  I'm still a little disappointed that I didn't lose weight, but whatever, I'll talk to Charro about that this morning.

I'm really going to freak if I can't get rid of these bugs.  There was one in my glass last night while I was drinking.  Good thing I saw it.  EW!

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