Thursday, August 16, 2012

My cats were being extremely cute and nice to each other this morning, for once.  The little girl was on my chest and the little boy was next to me.  He started licking her head, which was so adorable.  :)

I'm going to head to the gym and work out before I teach class later.  I have my alumni field hockey game in two and a half months, so I need to start really training, sprinting (yeah right), and getting good!  I can't embarrass myself.

So, I'm supposed to wait until next Friday to weigh myself, but I might do it a day early and weigh myself on Thursday night when I get back from being away.  What's the difference, right?  That is, of course, if I don't hop on there before then.

I need to do some serious cleaning today.  I feel like I'm always doing that.  I need to do laundry at some point before Sunday too, but I like to wait until I have more dirty clothes.  I've been on the go all week, so it's nice to be working from home today.  Hopefully my new blender will come today.  I dropped it on my foot last week, thank God I did not break my foot, and then it hit the floor and the glass broke.  Maybe it's downstairs.  It might have come yesterday, I didn't bother checking my mail when I got home.

What am I even writing about??? Nothing!!!

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