Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Consulting the supervisor

I'm still in a bad mood after my sesh's with Charro.  It's not her fault, but I'm still allowed to be pissed at her, she tells me that. :)  She told me that she went over my case with her supervisors, but I don't remember what she said after that, I'll have to go back to the audio for that one.  She also said that I meet the criteria for anorexic in the DSM, which is actually not true.  I am not at 85% of my ideal body weight, and I still get my period, so actually, I do not meet the criteria.  (Cute kittens on TV).  I have to go back and listen to the sesh, but I know it's just going to piss me off even more.  I don't know, maybe I should just go in and tell her that I have no desire to gain any weight because I don't feel like I need to force food into my body when I eat enough.  Maybe I should go in and tell her I'll do it and just fake the weight gain.  I guess I have til Friday to decide.  Maybe I'll email her and tell her that I have nothing to talk about so what's the point in coming in on Friday.  I really don't have anything to discuss with her so maybe I should do that.

I cannot wait until the weekend.  I have been on the go since, I don't know when.  I've been out in the sun everyday too, which drains ya.  The 9 hours cleaning out my apartment on Sunday, wasn't very fun either.  Ugh.

I'm not trying to be difficult with Charro, I just don't want to do what she says I need to do, nor do I think I have to, so why should I?


Laura said...

I'm not qualified to think anything that matters about your situation, but I figured I'd share anyway... I feel like this is really good. I feel like the reaction you're having shows that Charro is hitting on something that needs to be hit on and worked on. You can live the life you wan to live in the way you want to live doing what you're doing, but it'll just take a lot longer than if Charro puts up some real conditions like she's doing.

PTC said...

I don't disagree with what Charro is doing, for the most part, but I think I'm fine living my life this way because it's not that bad. I live pretty normally and my social life is not disrupted at all.