Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I didn't get weighed today.  Charro's saving that for Friday, which is good because I'm seeing her later in the day, which means I'll weigh more.  Not that I really need to weigh more, but I will.

She says I need to figure out what I want to work on.  I'll sleep on that tonight.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

It's raining...undies?

Picture this...sitting on my couch...see something out of the corner of my eye fall from the sky...look out my door and see a white thing...get up and open my sliding glass door and find a pair of kids undies laying next to my basil plant.  HAHA!!  That made my night.  I did take a picture.

Not sure if I'm getting weighed tomorrow...WIW, but I think I might be.  I will be prepared.  When the hell is she going to stop weighing me??  This is getting so old!

The baggy dress

All is back to normal in NYC, as far as the storm goes.  That's good.

Yesterday Charro was wearing, what I like to call the "I'm trying to hide my pregnancy dress."  Yep, I really wonder if she is pregnant.  I guess I'll see what she has on tomorrow.  She has been wearing big shirts lately, which leads me to believe that there might be something going on.  I guess I'll find out soon.  If she's trying to hide it, then she's about a month away from telling us that she's pregnant. 

My broken toe has been hurting me the past few days.  Must be this crazy weather.  It's very fall like outside these days.

I guess I don't really have anything else to say.

I had a dream the other night that I couldn't find Charro's office.  I was wondering around everywhere, but couldn't find the street.  By the time I got there I only had 3 minutes left of my sesh.

Sunday, August 28, 2011


I feel so bad for my family and the people back home.  My friend heard they could be without power for 8 weeks, that just seems absurd to me.  Then she heard that it could be two weeks until power gets restored.  I spoke to my parents.  I told them that they should come here, though I don't even know if they could get down the street with all the downed trees and powerlines.  It just makes me sad to think of all the things in my town that were destroyed. :(

I hate when Charro uses my name.  That means she's being all serious!

I told my parents that they should come here and stay for a few days.  They have SOOO much food that's going to go bad.  We have a huge chest freezer in our basement, and two refrigerator/freezers.  My mom had those things stocked up, all of them.  :(  Makes me sick to think about all the money lost.  I guess that's the worst of their problems, so that's good.  Nothing was damaged and no one was hurt, so I'm grateful for that.

Irene wasn't so much

Irene is done.  It was pretty much a non-event.  It hit us as a tropical storm.  I'm guessing that my gym is closed.  I'm going to do my CPR rep-cert. and have a "hurricane" party.

I'm bored.  Glad there wasn't mass disaster.  My family is without power...hopefully that will not last 5 days like it did with hurricane Gloria.

I need to take a shower or something.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Irene is coming

I was supposed to go to a baby shower and a wedding today, but I had to bag out on both of them because trains stopped running at noon today and I had to get back to New York before that happened or I would have been stuck at home for 3 days.  My cats need me and I need to prepare my balcony.

So now I'm back and cleaning and getting ready.  I've filled up jugs of water, in case we lose power.  I have some more containers to fill up.  I will fill up my bath tub too.  I have my flashlights and hopefully a corded phone.  I have to check for that one.  I'm ready baby.

I need to go to the gym.  I didn't get to work out this morning.  I went to the casino last night so all night, while I was sleeping, I felt so nasty, like I had smoked 8000000 packs of cigarettes.  I can NOT stand ciggies.  EW!!  SO freaking nasty.

I'm waiting for the girl to come over and give my cat his IV.

Charro was happy because I gained weight.  I was not happy because I don't like it.  She said I have to stop "talking like that," saying that I'm 27 months pregnant.  She said, after I got off the scale, "Nice phone in your pocket."  So I took it out and put it on the scale and said, "See, it doesn't even weigh 1/4 lb."  I've had it in my pocket the past 4 weigh-ins because it helps. :)

I woke up at 4 AM so I'm tired.  I need to go work out.  I don't like working out during the day, I'm a first thing in the morning type girl.  We'll see what happens, but I must get myself there!! 

I brought a fun Wii game back with me so I can play that tomorrow, unless we lose power.  I guess I should do some cooking too, so I can eat...blah!

My apartment is a disaster right now.  All the stuff that was on my balcony, minus my plants and bike (it will be), is in my apartment.  Ugh.  I want to vacuum before I bring the other stuff in but I can't vacuum until after the IV situation because everyone will just be too scared.  (The cats).

I was supposed to go away Sunday-Wednesday, but because of Irene, we're not leaving until Tuesday morning, and still, that could change.  I'm hoping we don't go away, but I'm glad we're now just going for one night.  Woo hoo!!  Now I can see Charro on Monday, unless the subways aren't running and she can't get to work.  Oh wait, she can take a cab!!  She can afford it.

I guess I better do some stuff.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

I don't have anything new to say, so I won't say anything.  I have WIF tomorrow and Charro will be happy to see that I've gained 6 million pounds.  I am not so happy about that, however.

I need to check my flashlight and get some batteries.  We're going to get Irene and it's going to be bad. 

I am sick of feeling 90 months pregnant.  Blah! 

Here's a Charro quote from Monday, when we were discussing how I don't like my body and/or jean shopping.  She said this, which I didn't get from the beginning, but here's the good part...(I think I was talking about how I'm supposed to like my body and she said by) "accepting the body that you have, that you're not the stick figure that you want to be, thank God.  You want to be this unnatural, you want to look like a frickin Italian greyhound, it's really disturbing.  It's very disturbing."

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

And so I ran

I met my friend and went for a run with her.  Well, we parted ways part way through and she took to the pavement while I decided to do some more in the park.  I didn't run much, but I ran about 5 miles, which is more than I've run lately.  I think I ran at a pretty good pace too.  I did a total of 6.12 miles.  I walked to meet my friend and then we started running when we got to the park.  Not bad, I guess.  Not great for my hip I'm guessing either.  I don't care, I had to do it and I have to keep doing it.  Of course now that I actually didn't mind running, it's going to start getting colder, although I'm not really sure if I was just motivated by my fatness or if I actually didn't really mind it.  I guess I won't know that.

Concave please

I'm sick of feeling so fat and out of shape.  I'm going running tonight.  It better be a good run.  Once these pre-season camps are over, I'm going to whip my ass into shape!  Next week I'll be away at camp so maybe I should just eat salad all week, wonderful for my colitis, but whatever.  We'll see if I can eat salad.  I've been craving them.  I just need to lose the fatness and be concave!

My fatness feeling is getting worse, so what did I do about it?  I weighed myself, of course.  I did gain weight.  I knew it.  I know my body all too well to not know whether or not I've gained weight.  I don't like it.  I can complain about it because I can write about whatever I want to.  Blah!  Too bad I didn't see Charro today.  I could have complained to her.  She's the only real person I would complain to, because I pay her, otherwise it's just me writing and complaining.  That's how it goes.  Maybe I should just starve myself again.  That seemed to work well.

My recurring dream

Charro tells me that I "truly do" have a recurring dream.  Well, the trend continued last night.  I had a dream that I was in my sesh with Charro and there were two people in her office doing some sort of work with wires.  They were trying to fix something.  They were using loud equipment too.  I felt very uncomfortable talking to her with, since there were people in there.  I gave her the look and said, "I can't talk to you with these people in here."  She said something to me at one point but I couldn't hear her.  I yelled, "What?  I can't hear you!"  Charro left the office and I didn't know where she went, but then I realized that I had practice and was totally late and my friend had been waiting for me for an hour.  I freaked out and ran out the door and had a big back pack with two computers.  It was raining and I wasn't dressed for practice.  I ran home to change and then I woke up.

Charro says that my dreams always have the same theme...other people being in my sesh.  She's going to want to analyze this one...again.

I'm sleepy and did not want to get out of bed.  I have to leave in 10 minutes and I'm not even close to being ready.  I'm still 5 months pregnant. 

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I have the pregnant stomach

Apparently there was just an earthquake, but I didn't feel a thing.  I feel like I've missed out on something.  EVERYONE is talking about it and I felt nothing.  I was either on my couch or in the kitchen.  What?!  So weird.

Okay, I weighed myself this morning for the first time in a few weeks.  I feel huge.  I feel and look pregnant.  Maybe that's why I had the dream that Charro was pregnant.  Seriously, I look 5 months pregnant and I do not like it one bit.  I might have to discuss this with Charro on Friday, but who knows.  Blah!

I am so freaking exhausted from standing in the sun for 3 hours.  Weird how that happens.  It doesn't happen to me when I lay out.  I need a big nap.

I need a big run too, which I'm sure would make my hip feel lovely.  I just really need to get into shape.  I am not happy with my running fitness and my pregnant stomach right now.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Fast asleep

Let's see...I fell asleep during my MRI, which was fantastic.  I wish the man didn't wake me up when he told me that I had 3-4 minutes left.

I made it to Charro on time.  I had to tell my friend, who is coaching with me, that I had an appointment downtown and she asked what for and so I had to tell her.  I told her "my mental health."  I felt dumb.

I'm exhausted.  I need to shower and eat dinner.  I need to watch The Closer. 

I told Charro that my ass got bigger.  She said that's good because no one wants a flat ass.  I said that I did.  She doesn't understand that I want stick legs either and said it was good that I'm not stick thin.  Hmm, I forgot how she phrased it, but she basically said that I'm not skinny.

Ew, I ate half of my sandwich in her office because I was feeling weird because I hadn't eaten since breakfast because I was at practice all morning.  I did NOT like eating in front of her at all.  It's bad enough when I eat with her, but to eat by myself, that was not cool.

I feel pregnant too.  I do not like that.  I had to take my belly ring out for my MRI and my stomach looked so weird without it.  I have two little tan marks too.  I hate my naked belly button.  It needs to have bling in it.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Time for my plum

I'm hungry but I don't know what to eat. I'm not in the mood for anything.  I'll probably just eat some more cherries.  I have 2 pounds that I need to eat...just not all at one time. 

I'm waiting for these big thunderstorms, which haven't come yet, though I do see them off to the west on the radar.

I'm going to have to force myself to work out tomorrow night, since I have to be at school early in the morning.  I'm not going to feel like working out, but I have to do it.  I really need to start running more.  I know I keep saying that, but I really do.  I hate being out of running shape.  It makes me mad at myself.

Maybe I'll go eat my plum now.  I only see Charro twice this week and once next week because of my coaching schedule.  I have to go away with the player next week, which should be interesting.  I'll be forced to run while I'm away, though I don't know who I can get to run with me.  I hope I can drag someone out there.  I also wonder what kind of food they'll have there.  It's always an interesting situation.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

A sad confession

I was supposed to go to the beach yesterday, but the weather people were predicting "heavy rain from 12-4pm."  Well, there was not a cloud in the sky the entire day.  My friend and I were so mad that we didn't go to the beach.  She took the day off from work and everything.  Stink bombs!  We sort of made up for it today and laid out.  The left side of my face got more sun than my right.  That is a problem.

I am tired.  My cat got his IV today, which is good.  He needed it.

Life gets hectic this week.  I start pre-season, which mean my schedule gets all screwed up.  My biggest issue will be on Monday when I have practice and a conference call for work during practice.  I hope I can pull that one off without my boss knowing that I'm outside and doing something other than working my real job.  I have to rush to Charro after practice, which means I'm probably going to have to tell my friend, who is coaching with me this year, where I'm going because she's going to wonder why I'm not walking back with her.  Then I have my MRI.  A packed day of running around.  I wonder how many girls I'm going to have at practice.  Should be interesting.

I feel like I need to lose weight.  Just throwing that out there.  My workout schedule is going to be all thrown off for the next two weeks.  I hate that.  Oh well.  I'll figure it out.  I get weighed on Friday.  Woo hoo!!

Yep...I'm watching Pee Wee's Big Adventure.  I admit it.  It was my favorite movie as a kid.  I watched it like twice a day.  That's my sad confession.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Red high heel car

Okay, I still can't believe I saw this, but I saw a RED HIGH HEEL DRIVE up 1st Avenue today.  It was going pretty fast too.  I was talking to my friend on the phone when I saw it and I was like "What the hell is that red thing...Oh my God, it's a red high heel."  Defintely made me laugh!!

Pregnancy talk

I had a good sesh with Charro this morning.  We talked about a lot of things, which was good.  I told her how the dream I had about her being pregnant was on my mind.  She finally said, "Are you asking me if I'm pregnant?"  Then she said that she wasn't, but then she went on to say "I'm not saying that I'm not or I am."  Well, what the hell does that mean?  I don't know, but now I feel badly because I feel like barged in on her whole pregnancy thing and asked her a question, in a round about way, that one is never supposed to ask someone.  I feel like I invaded her privacy.  I'll tell her that on Monday.

I just bought 4 lbs of cherries for $6.  Steal of a deal.  I am meeting my friend for lunch so I didn't eat any, though I'm really tempted, because last time I ate them I didn't feel so great.  I also ate like 1/2 pound, which was so NOT good for my stomach/colon.

She's going to be calling me any minute so I guess I should get ready to go meet her.  It just got nice out, sort of.  Maybe I should change my shirt.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

I just saw a really bad accident while I was walking home from the gym.  Everyone was watching.  I knew it was bad when I saw all of the emergency trucks.  I didn't see the accident happen, but I think I got there shortly after.  Apparently a person got pinned between two cars.  Ugh...awful!!  Makes me sick.

I think I burnt the roof of my mouth.

I feel like Charro's going to surprise weigh me tomorrow, but then again, I think she won't because she doesn't want me on the scale that much.  Hmm.  I say this every Friday.

I'm having an MRI on Monday.  I might have said that already, but I don't remember.  I might say something to Charro about the pregnancy thing tomorrow.  I don't know.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


So, I'm wondering if Charro might be pregnant.  I kept thinking that if she's going to have another kid, it's going to be soon.  Anyway, today she had a belly situation.  Maybe it's just her stomach, but I've never seen it before which makes me wonder if she's pregnant again?  It wasn't like the Hollywood, I'm a stick thin celeb, I swallowed a grape "baby bump" type thing, it was a legit stomach.  I'm not saying that she looked fat at all, she just had this stomach that I've never seen before.  Maybe it was her outfit.  She had a dress on but was kind of covering up with a sweater, which was also interesting.  She has been drinking iced coffees though, but maybe they're decaf.  I did just have that dream that she was pregnant, so if she is, then that's weird and I'm psychic!  I'll kind of freak if she's pregnant.

WIW is never ending

I passed WIW again. :) I asked Charro if this was our last week and she said, "No, you have to be stable." I said, "I am stable" and she said, "No, you were down last week." I said, "No I wasn't, I was up, remember? I was 102." She said, "Oh yeah, that was two weeks ago, but we're not down with WIW yet." Grrr. Stupid WIW.
She finally told me that she didn't grow up in Italy and moved around a lot, from country to country. Hmm, wonder if her dad was in the service or something. What else does one move around for? I have a feeling that her family isn't hurting for money, and I have a feeling her husband does pretty well too.
She wants to know what being "thin, but not just thin, bony" means to me. I'll have to think about that one for Friday.
I had a dream that my dad said "WIW" but he was making it up to stand for something else. I gave him the there's no way in hell that you made that up look.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

WIW #...Still?!

So I have WIW again tomorrow.  It's never going to end.  Well next week I won't have it only because I'm not able to see Charro on Wednesday.  I'll have to be prepared for a Friday WIF.  Maybe if I make weight again tomorrow then she won't weigh me for a while.  I can dream, right?  I am guessing that she'll still weigh me next week.  Blah.

I'm having an MRI on my hip next week.  I guess I won't get the results until I see the doctor in Sept.  They're looking for a labral tear.

I think I should weigh myself tonight to see what I'm going to weigh for WIW.  Is that illegal??

I thought I had more to say but I don't.  Lame! 

Monday, August 15, 2011

Meat tortellini

Ugh, I ate meat tortellini by accident today.  I thought I bought cheese, cooked it up and wondered why it looked brown inside.  I ate a few of them and then was like, this doesn't taste right, so I went and looked at the packet and almost died.  I'm still here though.  (I haven't eaten meat since 8th grade, which is why this is an issue).

I had some stuff to discuss with Charro today, so that was good.  For the first time in my life, I saw her go into the bathroom, which is not really the point here, the point is that she walked by and her shoe was making the weirdest freaking noise, sort of like a clicking duck.  I obviously made fun of that situation when she came out to get me.  I was like "What's going on with your shoes?  You sound like your tap dancing."  It was kind of funny.

I told her about the dream I had where she was 8 months pregnant all of a sudden.  We discussed that. 

We had crazy weather today.  Here are some pictures of the rainbows.  There was a double rainbow.

 I love that you can see the colors in front of the buildings here.
 The second rainbow is above the bright one
 See the colors in there?

Sunday, August 14, 2011

You look heavy...

Picture this, I'm teaching aerobics and one of my students goes, "How much do you weigh?"  I said, "I don't know.  I don't weigh myself."  Another looked shocked by the fact that I don't weigh myself.  They kept talking about it and I said, "Well, the last time I went to the doctor I was 99 pounds."  The lady says, "You look heavy with your muscle."  I looked at the other girl and she had this look on her face like, "I can't believe she just said that."   I just laughed and said, "I look heavy?"  I will go with this, the lady who said it is from Taiwan or something so maybe there was a bit of confusion with what she was trying to say.  Let's hope.

The cat whisperer

I don't know why, but I'm in one of those I need to weigh myself, I hate the way my stomach looks, and I don't really want to eat stages.  It will pass, it usually does, but sometimes it takes me not having real meals for a few days.  I need to make sure I weigh enough on WIW, but I don't want to.  Charro will make me take a break if I'm not where I was last WIW.  I need to go to the grocery store and get food, but I don't know what to get because I always get the same things and I'm sick of them all.  That's why Charro really suggests that I see a nutritionist.  She said it the other day again.  Maybe I will, but I don't think it's going to help me.  Can't I just look at recipes and get the same ideas I would from a nutritionist??  Hmm.

Onto other things, I am the cat whisperer!  I started cat sitting for these people in my building yesterday.  The woman said that I'd probably never see the cat the entire week because she's very lovey, but very scared of people.  Well, she came out.  Not only did she come out, she let me pet her, pick her up, she rolled over for me to rub her belly, and she let me hold her...all while purring, by the way.  :)  She is cute too...has the biggest green eyes every.  I'm going to go visit her soon. :) 

Oh yeah, I had a dream that I went to see Charro and that she was all of a sudden 8 months pregnant.  I walked into her office as she was telling another client that she was going on maternity leave.  She had come out to get me but I didn't see her, so I went back and her office door was somewhat open, walked in to her telling this other girl.  I looked at her in shock and was like, "What!!?  How come we couldn't tell you were pregnant until just now?"  Weird.  I think I had this dream because I watched Marley and Me and she was pregnant three times in that movie.  Last week her husband was filing for divorce (in my dream) and this week she's having a baby.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Wipe outs and lack of exercise

My date just ended.  Things didn't turn out the way I had hoped, but we still had fun...I think.  We were going to go bike riding to Brooklyn but we couldn't get bikes.  I have a bike but we were going to get them during the free bike rental but the line was too long.  So got the free rollerblades instead.  Mine were not that comfortable and his were a little big but it was okay.  He hasn't really rollerbladed much.  He wiped out on the street twice, one was a pretty bad fall and I feel horrible because he's going to be so sore tomorrow.  He's already in pain.  The bad part for me is that I didn't get any exercise out of the deal and I didn't get to enjoy my rollberblade, but I guess I might survive. 

After that we had lunch and then laid out and then went to the park.  He just left.

I feel disgustingly huge.  I look fat and my armpits smell.  That's lovely, isn't it.  Let me rephrase that, my armpits stink!!!

Oh  yeah, and I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY want to weigh myself.  I can't stamd it.  I may just cave in so I can feel better.

Morning date

I have a date this morning.  We're going to do some bike riding.  I'm exhausted.  I woke up at 5 AM for some reason.  I was starving too, which didn't help.  I need to water my basil, it looks a little wilty.  My eyes are tired and I don't know how I'll get my contacts in.

I'm going to wear my heart rate monitor on this date.  I know that I shouldn't and I know that's it's a bit obsessive, but I'm going to wear it anyway.  I will not tell Charro about that, however.  She'll be more interested in my date anyway.

I made a blueberry buckle to bring on our ride.  I need to vacuum my apartment but it's too early to vacuum on a Saturday.  I need to go feed someones cat too.

I showered.  I wasn't sure if I should shower, since I'm just going to get sweaty, but I did.  Weird to shower before working out, and I don't know why I did.  Oops, I have to put lotion on my legs.

This post talks about nothing.  Is it nap time?

Friday, August 12, 2011

Stupid ATL (not Atlanta)

I'm really not happy with Ann Taylor right now.  I just went to return a dress at The Loft and I bought it more than 60 days ago so they would only give me credit for the sale price, which was $14.  I paid 60 bucks for this ugly thing that I no longer want and they want to give me $14.  NO WAY!!  That's the biggest BS policy ever.  I have the freaking receipt people!!  Don't get me pissed!!  Complete BS.

My hip has been really bothering me but there's nothing I can do about it.  I go back to the doctor in September.

It's gorgeous out today.  My sesh was fine.  I really want to come up with something deep to talk about, but I can't seem to find anything.  I will try.  I guess that's it.  I have to do a little baking for my date tomorrow.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I passed

I passed WIW today.  :)  Charro did ask me if I was wearing a belt and the she said, "let me see," so I showed her.  I asked her if she wanted me to take it off and she said "no."  She said that it "didn't have as much hardware" on it like the one I wore last week.  Haha!  I asked her if that was our last WIW and she said, "No, I'll decide when we're done with WIW."  Translation, I don't really think your at the weight you need to be at and I need to make sure you're going to stay at this weight and not "backslide" so I'm going to keep weighing you."  That is my interpretation.  I don't blame her one bit.  She did use the word "backsliding" though.  So, I plan to get weighed again next Wednesday and until further notice.  My guess is that if I'm still okay next week, she'll just weigh me randomly, which could pose a problem, but we'll deal with that when that happens.  Today, before she weighed me, she said, "You better be up because if you're not then we have to take a break until you get your weight up."  I said, "Starting today?" and she said, "No, I would let you come Friday."  I said, "And you'd weigh me on Friday and if I was okay I could stay?"  She said, "Yes."  But we're all good for now.  Oh, when I lifted up my shirt to show her my belt, my shorts were a bit low and my tan line was quite visible...and my tan line is pretty low.  I said, "You should be thankful that I'm wearing a belt."  She said, "Why, so I don't see your skivies?  Maybe you should buy shorts that fit you."

I have an itch on my arm but I can't find it.

Field hockey tonight.  Woo hoo!!!  I've got my big game in 10 days.  Woo hoo!!

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Where have all the bloggers gone?

I think all the bloggers have fallen off the face of the earth.  No one is blogging any more.  Where did everyone go?  My blog reader, or whatever it's called never changes.  No one's writing.  Maybe that means people are doing well?  I hope so.  I find that it usually means people aren't doing well.  Who knows.

I have a feeling that I won't be playing field hockey tonight, since it's pouring rain.  I'm bummed because I really wanted to play.  I was also really counting on it for some exercise.  I worked out this morning, but only for 35 minutes because I was expecting to get a good workout tonight.  So my mind is a bit obsessive about the exercise right now, I'm aware of that, but I really need to work out more today and not inside the gym.  If the rain stops, I'm going to go for a run with my friend, which will be slow and short,  because she's just starting to run.  It's better than nothing though.

Time to paint my nails.

Ew, WIW tomorrow.  Seriously, I better weigh enough on her stupid scale so I don't have to do this any more. If I wear a long shirt, I bet she makes me lift it up to look to see if I'm wearing a belt.  Maybe I'll test her and see if she does check.  I need to pick out my WIW outfit tonight too.


Well, I blew it and just weighed myself.  I don't like the results, but I guess it's sort of okay.  I just need to keep this weight, plus some, for Charro tomorrow and then it can go away.  I mean, it's not really a big deal, I guess and I'm not going to die from it, but I don't like it.

I hope field hockey doesn't get rained out tonight.  I am so looking forward to playing.  My hamstring is pretty tight for some reason, and my hip is bothering me (shocker), but I love field hockey!! :)

Monday, August 08, 2011

Right now I hate that my stomach is sticking out five miles and that it's not concave.
I hate that I'm still feeling full from dinner 4 hours ago.
I hate that I can't weigh myself, though I really might crack tomorrow and do it.  I can see the future and that's what it's looking like.



I tossed my old scale today.  Well, for all I know it could still be sitting in the hall garbage.  Who knows.  Charro said that my other scale needs to be under my bed by 5 PM tonight. 

My water bottle keeps leaking on me.  What's that about?

I hate not weighing myself because I feel like I have no idea what's going to happen when I go in for WIW.  I like to have some idea.  I guess I do because I do weigh myself before I go see Charro on Wednesday mornings.  I'm not supposed to, but I do.  I haven't been weighing myself any other time so once isn't so bad.

My cats are shedding like crazy.  I need to vacuum.

Sunday, August 07, 2011

Dumping the dumplings

We walked to get our dumplings and they were good.  Too bad my stomach wasn't feeling great and I didn't really enjoy them.  I just realized that eating about a half pound of cherries is not a good idea for someone who has ulcerative colitis.  Perhaps it's not good for anyone.  So, needless to say, I felt as though I was going to give birth to a large child the entire walk there and the entire time I was out.  Not fun.  I ate cherries last weekend too and I didn't feel great, I thought it was the tomatoes though.  Now I know it was the cherries...or the large amount that I consumed.  They are SO good though.

I'm returning the jeans I bought last week.  I got three opinions on them today and no one liked them.  One of my friends agreed that they made me "look wide" and have a "wide flat butt."  Another said they were "too big" in the waist and made me look like I was "wearing a diaper."  Goodbye jeans!  Hello the $40 I spent on them. :)  I'm returning a dress I bought a few months again too because I don't like it.  I thought I did, but I don't.  Yay, more money back.

I need to take a shower now.  I have a headache that won't go away.  I've taken Aleve and non-aspirin pain reliever and it's still here.  Yuck!


I need vacuum.  I've got some friends coming over in a half hour and then we're going to walk about 4.5 miles to go get dumplings!!  I'm obsessed with steamed veggie dumpling and this place has them cheap.  Hopefully they will be good.  I'm starving.  I just had a snack but it needs to hold me over for another 2 hours.

Maybe I'll enlist one of my friends to try and help me give my cat his IV.  He needs it.  I don't want to disturb the kitties but I really do want to vacuum.  They're shedding like crazy!!!

I could go for a McDonald's chocolate milkshake right now.  I'm not feeling very happy with my body at the  moment, but that's okay.  It is what it is.  I'm going to eat my dumplings!

Saturday, August 06, 2011

Big black spider

I don't like bugs, especially spiders.  I came back to my apartment tonight to find a squishy poop on my rug, another one on the floor, and puke.  After I finished cleaning all that up I saw a big, black spider crawling up my wall.  So I did what every normal person would do...grabbed a bottle of bleach and sprayed it.  Well, it scurried away and now I don't know where it is.  Maybe it went into the crack in my floor, but I don't like the fact that I didn't kill it and that I don't know where it is.  EW!  I hate spiders!

My hip has been bothering me more the past few days, but I'm guessing it has something to do with playing field hockey and then running around the yard playing soccer today.  I had fun with my nieces and nephews though, so it doesn't matter that it hurts.

I need to majorly clean my apartment.  I will do that when I get back from my outings tomorrow.

Friday, August 05, 2011

Off with the belt

Charro and I discussed my belt this morning.  I told her how she made me sprint to the train because she made me take off my belt.  She said that I shouldn't have worn a belt and that will teach me to not wear a belt again.  I told her that I had to wear a belt or my shorts would have fallen down.  I said, "It didn't even make a difference with anything."  She said, "Yes it did, you saw that it made a difference."  Grr.  She asked me if I put on the belt because I was getting weighed and I told her that I put on the belt so my shorts would stay up. 

I know there was more that happened during my sesh, but I'm drawing a blank.

I'm home again.  I just put my nieces to bed.  I just want to eat them because they are the cutest little buggers.  Tomorrow the oldest is having her 7th birthday party.  It will be sad when I head back to NYC tomorrow night and have to say goodbye to them.  :(  I love them so much and I don't get to see them nearly enough.  Oh, I know I said this, but I just want to eat them.

Oh, I learned that Charro ran track.  LOL.  I was telling her my sprinting to the train story and I told her how I had that "I just ran in cold weather feeling" in my lungs and then I added, "you'll probably don't know that.  Have you ever run?"  She said, "Yeah, I ran track."  Then I said, "Did you swim too?"  She didn't respond to that one.  Ha!

Oh yeah, I'm still supposed to throw out that scale.  Maybe Sunday.  She asked about it today and I told her that it has sentimental value.  She told me that I have to get rid of it before I see her on Monday.  She's been saying that all week though.

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Backyard blogging

I'm sitting in my back yard and it's pretty cloudy all of a sudden.  It's cool out too, which I'm not use to the cool weather.  (My client just called and asked how old I am.  I think he's sitting with someone and wants to fix us up or something.  Funny because I was just telling my co-worker how this client is always trying to fix me up with someone).

So, I was very confident that I was going to make weight for WIW today, but I did not.  What?!  I got on the scale and Charro weighed me and then she goes "What is that?  Take off your belt." I was like, "Really?!  You're going to make me miss my train.  It's not like it weighs that much."  So, I had to get off the scale, take my belt off and then get back on.  What is that about?!  So, I didn't weigh enough and she told me that I have to keep on eating, or something like that.  I can't wait to listen to the tape to hear what happened exactly because I was thrown off and worried about rushing to get to the train knowing that the subways were all screwed up and delayed from an incident.  So, once again WIW continues.  Ugh.

So, I booked it 3 blocks to the subway, got on the subway and took it up to Harlem.  Got off the train with 2 minutes to spare before my train home came.  I booked it up 2 flights of stairs at the subway station, sprinted the big block to the train station, ran up two more flights of stairs (was dying at this point, by the way) and ran onto my train, which had pulled in and was about to leave.  I sat down and my chest/throat had that feeling like I just ran in the freezing cold weather.  I was so out of breath too.  Oh yeah, it probably didn't help that I was carrying my backpack, another bag with clothes in it, and my field hockey stick.  Clearly I need to get into shape. I was dying.

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

WIW...hopefully the last for a while

Hopefully tomorrow will be my last WIW for a while.  I have absolutely NO idea how much I weigh right now because I haven't weighed myself since Friday.  So, I don't know if I'm up or down and if I'm down, I'm screwed.  This will be a nerve wracking WIW.  Oh well, we'll see what happens.

I think I'll head to bed.

Sucked in

I got sucked into another show last night.  I knew I was sort of heading that way, but it happened last night.  I watch "The Closer" every Monday and love the show.  Well, right after it is another cop show which I sort of watch, but usually turn the tv off to go to bed.  Well, I watched it at the gym the other day and it was good, but last night I got sucked in and stayed up until midnight watching it.  "Rizzoli and Isles."  I don't know why I love cop shows, but I do.  Actually, they're both homicide detective shows and they're good.  Sucks that The Closer is ending next summer.  Maybe that means I'll see Kyra Sedgwick around more and I can ask her how she kicked her scale habit. :)

I'm going to go to the gym and run.  I haven't run in about 30 years so I'm sure this will be fun.  It's probably cool enough for me to run outside, but I don't feel like going into the park to run, so the gym it is.

My cat really needs to stop clawing at me and my bed in the early morning hours.  It doesn't feel good.

Monday, August 01, 2011

Dressing room honesty

I went jean shopping today, something I hate and it really puts me in a bad mood.  I would much rather go bikini shopping than jean or shoe shopping.  For example, I bought a pair of short jeans and they still need to be hemmed a lot. 

So, I hate jean shopping for several reasons.  I hate the way my legs and my butt look, but mostly my legs.  That's what puts me in a bad mood.  I also hate that they are always way too long.  It's annoying because you can't get an accurate perception of what they look like when they're 9 feet too long. 

Anyway, I went to American Eagle today because people kept telling me that they have good jeans for people with my build.  So, I went and tried on a bunch of jeans.  I didn't want skinny jeans or jeggings.  I got a pair of sort of boot cut jeans, but not really wide leg, I don't know what they are.  I know they're too long and I'm not sure about them.  I felt as though I looked wide in them.  I asked my dressing room neighbor what she thought of them and she said they looked better than the size I had on before.  I told her I looked "wide" and she said, "I don't think that's possible."  I have to listen to the people (customers) in the dressing room because they wouldn't lie.  I wouldn't lie to someone if they asked me how something looked.  We don't gain anything out of a sale so why would people lie?  I think most people are pretty honest in dressing rooms because they want honest answers when they ask how something looks.

Charro says I have to throw this scale out by Wednesday.  Hmmm...

Okay, I need a snack.  I'm hungry.