Friday, December 17, 2010

Yay for a later appt.

I got to sleep in a little this morning, though it's not like I actually did.  Charro asked if I could see her an hour later.  My response, "YES!!" 

I just weighed myself.  It's the lowest it's been and that scares me a little because know it's going to get lower over the next couple of days.  I can't tell Charro, she will kill me.  Well, not "kill" but you know, I may have to go back to Kruger.  NEVER! 

I'm afraid I'm going to go home and people will notice that I've lost weight.  It's not because I'm trying to.   I swear that I'm not trying to.  I really think it has something to do with my GI problems.  I'm scared that something is going to be really wrong with me.  Am I really losing weight because of GI issues or because of this??  I actually would hope it wasn't the GI issues causing the weightloss because that means there's something really wrong with me.  I also know that I'm not intentionally restricting.  I guess I need to eat a lot over the next two days.  I don't want to run into all these people I know from my hometown and have them all commenting on my weight, because it does the gym, the grocery store, walmart.  Fun.

I guess I should brush my teeth and get ready to go.  It's too freaking cold out again.  It's going to be a balmy 40 degrees tomorrow.


Eating Alone said...

If your weight get's too low Charro is going to Baker Act you! I hope they find out what is wrong with the .... well whatever it is.

It warmed up to the mid 70's here so it's nice. Oh yeah watching kitty's sleep is nice. Mine is a sleepy kitty. And then she gives that little meow when I pet her and just keeps on sleeping.

Lisa said...

I"m glad you know you need to take care of yourself :) I think that is very important.

I hope you do feel better soon and yes, if you're losing and you shouldn't be, then that is def and sign and an excuse to eat more! :)


PTC said...

She will not baker act me.

Yeah, like I said, Charro would kill me if she knew my weight.