Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Using the Wii

Since I'm not supposed to weigh myself, I resorted to getting on the Wii Fit.  I didn't even play any games, just got on the thing so it could weigh me.  Now, I don't even know how accurate it is, and I'm guessing it's not too accurate because it had me weighing 93 pounds.  I know I don't weigh 93 pounds.  So, I guess I cheated with the weighing thing, though I didn't step on the scale.

I'm finally heading back to NY tomorrow.  I get back and have my MRI.  Hopefully they take me on time and stuff.  Getting my cats in the carrier is going to be stressful and very difficult!

I've been restricting a little bit, but that's okay. 


Zena said...


so you have lost nearly 7 pounds in the last like what 2 months, VERY BAD!! you were so small already and probably due to how much exercise you probably have a decent muscle base, your BMI is probably like 13-14 severly anorexic, I really think you need some more help, Charro really needs to hold you to her "contract", you need to let her know, Wii Fit is very accurate, more accurate then a scale, Im very worried about you, I dont comment much anymore but I read often, Im concerned, Please be careful, thats a very low number, about 20 pounds underwieght for your hieght, Im Glad your Man is home, now wouldnt it be a shame if his mommy died and he had noone to take care of him.

Be careful and damit eat something...just kidding if it were that easy I know you would..

just some tough love as you once gave me



Jane said...

Umm yeah... what she said...
Plus you have that other condition now. This is so worrisome, hun. No matter how much you say its fine, it's not fine :(
love ya. xoxo

PTC said...

Hey Z,

I don't think my Wii Fit is accurate, and that's not an ED speaking. I got on it after going to the doc once and it was like 4-5 lbs less than the dr's scale.

I still check up on you too but really have NO idea what to say, so I don't say anything. I'm afraid you're going to die very soon and that's not the nicest thing to say to someone so I say

Jane, sticking things up my ass = not fine. ;)