Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Talk about getting shit on

The vet just called to tell me that my cat is in the early stages of kidney failure.  Can things get any worse right now?  Besides being upset about my cat being sick, now I have even more bills that I'm going to have to pay.  He's going to go to the hospital and stay over night for a night or two.  My poor Mr. Buggles. :( 

My life really just sucks a big freaking ass right now.  Stupid suppositories suck ass.  This morning the stupid thing fell out of my ass.  (Way too much info for everything).  I just want to shrivel up right now.

I have my office Christmas party in 45 min.  Ugh!


Eating Alone said...

Well at least you know now why she pee'd out side of the litter box. Poor little kitty! I hope she will be ok.

So it fell out, did you have to stick it back in? Really gross but I'm kind of interested now. I'm going to go and Google suppository and hope it doesn't take me to a gross sight.

Said it before and will say it again. I love being a guy! I don't have to worry about anything like that.

PTC said...

I am going to take him to be hospitalized to get IV for a night or two. :(

You are not immuned to these problems. If you had ulcerative colitis, you too would have to shove things up your ass. No, I didn't put it back in b/c it was melting.

Eliza said...

Sorry that life is sucking for you. That sucks. I binged today so I sort of feel like shriveling up too.

I think there is something wrong with me because I am way too interested in your whole suppository thing...

Jane said...

OHHH NO!!!!!!! This is all so terrible ***HUGS****
Sweetie, I just want to hug you and make your kitty all better, and hide all your suppositories and cure your illnesses.. :( I'm sorry to hear about your cat, that is so awful. I'm surprised your suppository fell out. What kind of med is it? Did they tell you if it was supposed to make you crap, or what it's purpose was? In a way, I'm not surprised, because when your body knows something is there, it naturally would push it out. That's just the way we are wired... so whenever I've had to give a patient a suppository, I've had to ask them to "hold it" for as long as they can, and that is basically the only expectation, was to hold it for awhile...Did your doc say anything like that?

Eating Alone said...

Hey at least they found it and can fix up the kitty, and you too.

PTC said...

Hey J!

It's a med called Canasa. The doc didnt' say anything about holding it in. Thanks for the hugs.

David, they can't fix him up, but help him a little. It's not curable.