Thursday, December 30, 2010

Let the clean-up begin

I'm back in my apartment.  Was a whirlwindy type day.  Woke up and drove back.  My parents literally just dropped me off because there was no where to park with all the cars and snow on the street.  I changed and went for my MRI.  Then I went to the store, met my friend and her mom in the hall on my way back in and they invited me to join them for lunch, went to lunch, came back and started unpacking.  Now I have crap to put away, cleaning to do and cooking to do since I'm having people over tomorrow.  I was supposed to be back her on Tuesday, which would have allowed me a little more time to get organized.  Now I'm off to the gym to teach class.  Then I will come back and shower, maybe clean a little and then go to bed.

I can't wait to wake up and weigh myself tomorrow.  I'm hoping it's good.  I'll be bummed if it's not.

1 comment:

Jane said...

You can't wait to wake up... haha.
I can't wait to fall asleep!!! LOL