Thursday, December 23, 2010

I'd like to sleep tonight

I'm tired.  Needless to say, I have not slept well in a while.  I spoke to my vet this morning and I am bringing my little boy in on Sunday for a day or two.  He will receive IV fluids so his kidneys will hopefully get flushed out.  Hopefully this will help for a while.  I might have to give him shots once a week, which will be virtually impossible because he doesn't even let me hold him.  I also have to change the food they eat, and of course the food I have to give him is really expensive.  Awesome.  I wish he and I could reach our deductibles together.

Some of you are very curious about this dumb medicine I have to stick up my butt.  It's not fun, but it's getting easier.  I really just hate doing it and it skeeves me out all of the time.  I got these little finger condoms to wear while I do it.  They are medicine so they do not make me doody. 

I made some more pretzels today.  I'll take a picture and post it.  I have to make sauce for the baked stuffed shells that I'm making tomorrow.  I think I need a nap. 

I can weigh myself tomorrow.  I am afraid of what I will weigh.  I didn't weigh as little as I thought I would on Monday morning, but that's okay.  I must admit, I was a little disappointed, but I know it's good too.

I've emailed Charro to tell her what's going on, like she asked, and I heard back from here as I was writing this.  She said, "I am sending my support and I hope I can continue to be a support to you going forward as you manage all this," which I thought was funny because does she think I'm going to quit?  Ha!  Of course she can continue to support me.

So, I am doing laundry and going to bed, after I shove another one of those meds up my ass.  I got little finger condoms though, so that makes it a little better.  It's never really a good thing.

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