Sunday, December 26, 2010

I think it's back

I'm pretty sure that I've gained all the weight that I had lost back.  I had to eat so much food yesterday and Christmas Eve and I really, really, really want to weigh myself but I promised Charro that I wouldn't.  We shook on it.  Ugh!  I really need to know what I weigh though.  I really feel like I've gained a ton of weight.  I hate that feeling.  I also hate not being able to confirm or deny my feelings.

I have to drop my little guy off in and hour. :(  I'm very sad about that. Poor guy.  :(

I am so sick of sticking medicine up my ass too, just thought I'd throw that in.  I still have to do it for a while too and I hate that.  I count down the days, but then it doesn't make it any better at all!!

I have to get ready to go to the gym, after I drop the little guy off.  I have to eat breakfast, though I don't want to because I'm not hungry.  I hate when I am required to eat in order to take my meds.  That's not cool.

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