Saturday, December 18, 2010

How could I forget this??

I'm freaking out about my colonoscopy.  Well, I'm freaking out more about what's wrong with me and why I'm bleeding more and (again) what's wrong with me?!?!  I don't know how I'm going to get through the next 48 hours.  No food after midnight tomorrow.  Teaching aerobics will be awesome tomorrow morning.  Charro's gone, I can't freak out to her.  She did say that I can always email her because she feels like that's non-invasive (my word, not hers).  I won't email her and freak out, because what's the point?  I don't want her to email me back, though I don't think she would, because she's in Italy with her family.  I'm sure she hasn't seen them in a while and there is no way that I'm going to email her and take her away from her family for a few minutes.  So, I'll just freak out!!!

It so doesn't help (girl stuff coming, David), that I was supposed to get my period last week and I didn't get it and I'm totally afraid that I'm going to get it today and then have that going on on Monday while I'm having some foreign objects up my butt.  Yes, different holes, I know, but I really need that on top of everything else??  NO!

How dare I forgot the funniest thing Charro said during our sesh yesterday.  She said that we are both "Laverne and Shirley" fans so we need to come up for a new name for "Carmine" because "Carmine" is too good a figure.  (character on L&S).  So I said, "Cecil" and she said, "Cecil is kind of evil.  We need an evil name."  Then there was a long pause and she goes, "I was about to say something...x-rated."  So I said, "Say it" and she wouldn't so I kept saying it and she said "No, I'm not saying it," while laughing.  I finally said, "I'm not reading until you say it," so she finally said, "dickwad."  I can't believe she said that.  She was laughing the whole time we were arguing about her telling me what she thought.  Then she goes, "It wasn't that bad."  Go Charro...coming up with the "dirty" words.  Ha!

I'll guess I'll eat breakfast for the last time until Tuesday morning.  This whole not eating thing tomorrow could cause a whole new slew of problems.


Lisa said...

It's completely okay to be nervous about your colonoscopy. i'd be freaking out as well. Along with the period thing. You're holding on well.

Hang in there- don't let the consequences of a colosonpy fall back in an ED. The ED is going to try- you know that as well as I do- be strong babe. I believe in you



PTC said...

Yeah, that's what Charro says too, Lisa. I don't know how I'm going to get through the next 48 hours...and then have to wait 10 days for the results.


Eating Alone said...

WHY THE HELL ARE YOU TEACHING CLASS??!!!! You should not be teaching on an empty stomach, nor with active bleeding out of your rectum. Your killing me here!

Jane said...

I totally agree with Eating Alone....!!!!!!

PTC said...

Because I need the money.