Friday, December 17, 2010

Buon viaggio, Charro

I had a good sesh with Charro today.  We talked about Monday.  We talked about the book that she lent me and brought back to her today.  I had made some notes so we started going over them.  We ran out of time and will continue with that when she gets back.  She gave me a workbook to do while she's gone, though I can't write in it.  She said she wants me to focus on my "relationship with food" and "relationship with exercise" chapters.  Will do!  She made me shake with her that I'd only weigh myself next Friday and the Friday after.  I didn't shake for a while and then I did.  I shouldn't have because I know I'm going to weigh myself on Monday morning, which she and I both know is very disordered.  Oh well. 

I wore my ugly Christmas sweater for her and she wore her wrist warmers for me.  I brought her some pretzels and she was excited to have something to eat on the plane.  I told her I'll be freaking out next week and am afraid that I'm going to have to have surgery.  I'll email her on Monday when I find something out. I hope it's something simple and resolvable, but I have my doubts. :(

I'm baking gingerbread cookies.  They are going to be in the shape of palm trees because that's the only cookie cutter I have. 

I think I cut one of my toenails too short.

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