Sunday, December 26, 2010

And the snow falls

It's snowing...and it's supposed to snow a lot.  We have a blizzard warning and might get up to 18 inches of snow.  I will take pretty pictures.

I had to drop LB off at the vet this morning. :(  He was pissed at me, that's for sure.  The doctor said that she thinks he'll only have to stay one night, but I'm not getting my hopes up.  It killed me to take him off of my bed this morning and stick him in the carrier.  He was so happy sleeping on my bed.  He's going to hate me now.  I have to trap them both again on Tuesday to take them back to NYC.  They are really going to hate me.  The doc said she'll call me in the morning and let me know what the deal is.  I should hear from her by 9 AM.

I just went out and shoveled the driveway...round one.  I'll probably have to go out there 2-3 more times before the night is over.  I like to beat the snowplow man to it so I get the exercise and my rents don't have to pay for the plowman. :)  I just like the extra calorie burn, let's be honest.

I might take a little nap now.  My poor kitty is so lonely.  Actually, I don't know if she's happy to be here alone or if she is lonely.

I really want to weigh myself, by the way...again.

Oh yeah, I hurt my neck playing my new Wii game.  Ha!  I just tweaked if funny.  I was down on all fours playing this game (it has a power pad type thing that you run one) and I had to look up while using my hands and I pulled my neck funny.  Yep, dork!

I miss my little guy.  Poor guy is tied up in a little cage with an IV in his arm.  It makes me so sad. :(


kristin said...

I hope your kitty feels better after the IV.

One of my kitties' kidneys failed years ago ( sophomore year in high school) and she ended up having to go to the vet and getting an IV and whatnot, too. We ended up changing her diet to a special diet for kidney problems and she's been pretty healthy ever since and it's been.. like 7 years now. You should definitely check with your vet about a special diet for your kitty and don't give up hope.

Take care! :)

PTC said...

Thanks, me too. He is in the early stages of kidney disease so hopefully by changing his food and giving him shots, both of which were suggested by the vet, he will live as long as yours!! :) The food is expensive!! ugh. I don't know how I'll give him shots either, but I will try.

kristin said...

BTW, you buried in the snow yet? I wonder if you would be in NYC, too!

Drive/train/etc safe!

PTC said...

NYC got more snow than we did!